War of Position

“The fourth album by self-styled “unpleasant socialist R&B band” Thee Faction has as its stated goal “complete human emancipation”.  A dozen exhilarating attacks on austerity in a Redskins-meets-Dr Feelgood style, ‘Good Politics’ is packed with quotable slogans (“We didn’t start a class war … but we’re gonna end one”, “The House Of Lords over the cliff in a bus”). Thee Faction defy you to say they’re joking. They are. They aren’t. They are/n’t. 4/5”  Simon Price, Independent On Sunday

“Thee Faction provide the perfect antidote to the smug gentrification of politics and music” writes Karl Marx’s biographer Francis Wheen and, as ever, he’s not wrong…piledriving, brassy R’n’B  & proletarian rousing politics with unapologetic gusto…Specific problems are skewered, specific remedies offered on Better Than Wages &Employment…They make a mockery of pop’s enfeebled “post-political” age… Get your hands untied! they cry. They’ve done their bit. The rest is up to us. 8/10″ David Stubbs Classic Rock

“Mixing the grungey pub rock power of Dr. Feelgood and the bolshy brass of Dexy’s, virtually every track is scalp-pricklingly good, with nagging, catchy riffs. 4/5” MOJO

“Not ‘protest songs’. SOLUTION SONGS”. Andy Lewis, Paul Weller’s band

 “Herein we celebrate the successes of the working class. Well done”Danny Baker

 “If rock is art then let it be a hammer, not a mirror” Jack White

  “…a critique of societal hegemony on the back of a grimy blues’n’b twang… rife with the contagious energy of people who know they’re right. In short, meet Comrade Feelgood.” Andrew Harrison, Editor, Q Magazine.

 “ .. carrying on a proud tradition by providing the soundtrack to our marches and strikes against this government of millionaires trying to undo all the things we have fought for.” Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the PCS

 “I wish could sing the Fabian Blues like Billy…” Nick Cohen, writer

 “To bring a bit of revolution to the evolution of rock music, you can either, push the sonic manifesto to the limit and cultivate a strange branch of the family tree from that experimental seed. Or, by marrying an original lyrical idea with a traditional riff, turn an established form into something nouveaux. The latter is the strategy of Thee Faction and it works, if only because it takes a certain determined, and clearly collective, genius, to extract Marxist theory from dusty tomes and weld it to soul/blue collar rock n’ roll, to give birth to Socialism Rhythm & Blues..” John Robb’s Louder than War  webzine

 “How much do I love Thee? I love Thee as chimps love bananas, as bankers love bonuses, as Jeremy Hunt loves Rupert Murdoch” Francis Wheen, Deputy Editor, Private Eye

  “… sharply dressed and ready for action… all wars traditionally have marching bands and comradely singing, why not the Class War?” The Morning Star

 “..barricade storming, smart, fun, instantly energising” Gavin Martin, Daily Mirror

  “Thee Faction’s mission is to restore to pop the Socialist polemic of the 80s and not to rest until the last member of Mumford & Sons is strangled with the entrails of Coldplay’s drummer…with the musical weapons of pub-rock, skinny R’n’B & clipped brass..the titles & the sleeve suggest they’re ruefully aware of the aesthetic difficulties of agit-pop; but their tongues are only partly in cheek. 100% fun AND they 100% mean it, man.” David Stubbs, Classic Rock

 “Top radical R’n’B, and my favourite band from Reigate, ever.” Sophie Ellis-Bextor

“It’s a cracking album. It made a train journey to Leeds lively AND educational.” Stagger Lee Fisher, Speakers Push Air

“Socialist goodies – I love this band” Josie Long, BBC 6 MusicSaturday Morning Show/Award winning comic

“As likely to provoke a knees up as a revolution” Drowned in Sound

 “..taking down the Tories one song at a time” Martin Horsefield,The Guardian

  “gloriously exuberant…acknowledges the past but helps take us into a glorious future.” Rock ‘N’ Reel

  “The future is unpleasant Socialist R’n’B” Patrick Neate, Whitbread award winning novelist

 “Dr Feelgood meets Citizen Smith” BBC Sussex

  “Beats to burn bankers by.” Nicky Tesco, The Members

  “Invigorating Rock ‘n’ Roll and nasty R’n’B … Billy Bragg and Wilko Johnson having a pint with Arthur Scargill in the wooden snug of a flat cap pub” Is This Music?

 “Twinning Dr Feelgood and eastern-bloc rockin’ beats … to rabble-rouse your mind and Agit-prop your pop …Singing Down the Government could be the best song Dexy’s never wrote … Thee Faction have come to steal the governments political picnic, reclaiming it for the masses. 9/10″ Vive Le Rock

 “…gig of the year, comrades!” Richard Archer, Hard-Fi

 “Guthrie and Seeger, Lennon and Baez, Dylan and Crass changed views through song. Thee Faction do just that through sheer force of joy de vivre…Thee Faction are a lesson – an independent spirit [who] own their means of production….they rock to share an interpretation of the world…real alternative music that sings, “Capitalism is good for corporations; that’s why you’ve been told socialism is bad all your life.” Huffington Post

 “Want to find out who GDH Cole is while enjoying Canvey Island-style R’n’B? Of course you do. If not, why not?” Gideon Coe, BBC6 Music

“Francis [Wheen] and I are entraced that there exists an R & B band that sings about GDH Cole … buy their albums.” Ruth Dudley-Edwards, The Telegraph

“Full of swaggering R&B tunes … Politics can be fun. 4/5” Big Cheese magazine

“… a brilliant live band … sharply dressed and ready for action … they want to build an audience from the bottom up – to bring political commitment to people who came for some basic rock and roll, to give people who are semi-committed a musical reason to feel more committed and to give the fully committed inspiration to stop flagging.” The Morning Star

“Actual full-on revolutionary socialist R&B – imagine Dr Feelgood with a brainful of Gramsci or The Redskins with a sense of humour (it is possible, really). Positing that the indie landfill cannot be changed but must be destroyed, Thee Faction launch a critique of societal hegemony on the back of a BIG grimy blues’n’b twang. Excellent.” Andrew Harrison, The Word Magazine

“Thee Faction don’t so much take to the stage as occupy it with a visceral hybrid of The Feelgoods-meet-The Clash-in-a-Neighborhood Watch-meeting” thegirlsare.com

“Timely. I love these mad bastards” Simon Price, The Independent on Sunday

“What a cracking record” Paul Brannigan, Kerrang!

“Album of the year. I include the Dexy’s album, in this list.” Attila the Stockbroker

New album – Reading Writing Revolution – June 2015 – cover:


High-Res Photos by Paul Hughes:

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Photo by Robin Boot Photography:


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