planet mondo

Never Mind the Monarchs

It’s Royal Wedding week. We honestly couldn’t be more excited. We love our bread and circuses in Thee Faction. As you know, we’re having our own little celebration on Friday. It’s at the Buffalo Bar in London. We’re on early – about 9pm – but for once that might not form the high point of the evening, cos after us you’ve got Art Brut masquerading as Fuck Off Piss Off, a UK punk covers band, and then Guided Missile playing punk 7″s til 4am. It’s even got The Washington Post excited (we kid you not).  You genuinely don’t want to miss this. Here are all the details.

But we’ve posted about that before. The new news is this: one of our most approved podcasters – Planet Mondo – has put together a superb ‘cast to celebrate this most royal of weeks. Entitled Never Mind the Monarchs, it’s 75 minutes of brilliant music and entertaining chat. Kicking off with a bit of Carry On brilliance, followed by the Bonzos take on Rule Britannia, and straight into (inevitably) the Pistols doing you-know-what, this is essential listening for the week.

And, if you need any further incentive to listen, about 40 minutes in Captain Mondo spins Thee Faction’s ‘366’ and says lovely things about the Guild.

Go and listen now. It’ll get you in the mood.


Nostalgia of the Future: a Baby Face interview and exclusive chance to hear five new songs


You know we have a new record coming out soon. You are anticipating it eagerly. Well, here is your chance to check out five of the songs, and to hear an exclusive interview with Baby Face.

Nostalgia of the Future has long been our most approved podcast (though there is very close competition from Planet Mondo, The Proper Gander, SSP Campsie and others), so it will be no surprise that we granted Billy Reeves this interview. It turned into a discussion of some of our favourite socialists, including Raymond Williams, GDH Cole, Karl Marx, Thomas Frank and Leon Trotsky. Have a listen.

Further news on the record itself will be up soon. But we can at least tell you the title:

Up The Workers, or, Capitalism is Good For Corporations That’s Why You’ve Been Told Socialism is Bad All Your Life.