Nylons says you’re coming to the DDRofRnB

Cos it’s your duty to the cause, the class and the revolution. So that’s settled. You’re coming. Need more convincing than a threatening pose from Nylons? Crikey. You’re made of stern stuff. Then you’ll need to read this. It’ll take 5 minutes. And then you’ll come. Here’s the details. Order tickets in advance. More efficient.


We’ll be playing this, of course:



and this



and we’ll all be hoping that Colour Me Wednesday (on first) will be playing this


A Message from Comrade Wilko

Word has reached Oil City that the At Ebbw Vale tapes have been found. Our old comrade Wilko Johnson has sent Nylons a lovely message, reminding him to keep the struggle going. As Wilko so rightly reminds us in his message above: you do it right when you attack the right.

Thee Faction’s unique brand of Socialist R&B couldn’t exist were it not for the twin influences of Dr Feelgood and Karl Marx. It’s been a while since we heard from Comrade Marx, but it’s great that Comrade Wilko is still urging us to fight the good fight. Rest assured, comrade, we’re doing so.

Comrade Wilko is playing the Half Moon in Putney on July 30th. You’ll find a pretty high percentage of Thee Faction in attendance. We’re keen to catch up with him and chew the fat. And represent. We’ve got to represent.

You do it right when you attack the right. Have we seized upon the slogan for the fightback?