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GDH Cole on Guild Socialism

This might not pump all of your ‘nads. But it blimmin’ should do. Comrade Waterhouse has been on. He’s alerted us to this pamphlet. It’s the transcript of a speech GDH Cole made to the Fabian Society in 1919.  It’s all about Guild Socialism.

Now, as you know, the Guild loves Guild Socialism. Absolutely bloody loves it. And the optimism of both the intellect and the will reflected in the first part of this pamphlet is so exciting. There was a time when, with the Russian revolution but two years old, the possibility of Guild Socialism was genuinely imminent. Let’s recreate that optimism, brothers and sisters. Let’s make it happen.

Where’s GDH now? We need him. But, in his absence, we just sing about him.

Now, if you need to hear us do so, come down to our next gig. It’s going to be brilliant. Mods Against The Cuts at Blow Up! August 13th. Denmark Street. Do not miss this. You’ve got our new album? Y’know that song ‘Only Marxism Leninism Can Set You Free’? Y’know how top notch the piano is on that? That’s cos it features Ivan Chandler, pianist to Dusty Springfield, Lulu and others, back in the day. Well, he’ll be playing with us. Yup, he will be onstage with Thee Faction. Do not miss this gig. Under any circumstances.

See you there, brothers and sisters.