It is impossible that you have anything better to do than attend the DDRofRnB tonight

Drop whatever else you might be intending to do tonight, and come to the Half Moon, Putney, for the DDRofRnB.

Opening the show will be Shocks of Mighty. They play blistering punk rock, and are proper solid comrades. Get there early and make sure you see them.

Next up will be Attila the Stockbroker. He’s a legend, and needs no introduction. We can’t believe we have the opportunity to play with him. He’s also invited us to play Glastonwick in 2013, and tonight might feel a bit like an audition for that. The best news is that we will be backing him on two songs. So make sure you take photos and video of those moments. We’ll never forgive you if you don’t.

Then we’re on. Well, we’re on after Attila cos he needs to get the train back to Sussex, and the comrades in the RMT haven’t managed to lay on a special train. We’re launching the new album. We’re kicking off with a brand new song that’s on the next blimmin’ album. That’s how prolific we are. We’re going to do a Greatest Hits set, with favourites from the first two albums and the ones the radio has been playing from the new one.

But, as you know, the point of the DDRofRnB is not who is playing. The point is to change the world. Our club is unique in its comradely atmosphere and political determination, in its larks and laughs and its solidarity and socialism. That’s why people keep coming back. Billy Brentford will be compering. Baby Face will be on polemic. And the bands will be on fire.

See you at the Half Moon, comrade. Wear your best clothes. Scruffiness is bourgeois. Liberal individualism at its worst. Dress for the class.

Your Duties This Week

1. March. On Saturday. Don’t let other people march for you. March with other people. Drag everyone you know to London. And march. Here’s why:

And here’s where:


2. Come and see us launch our new album. Our irregular club night, the DDRofRnB, is hosting the launch. We have the huge honour of playing with Attila the Stockbroker. Not just ‘with’ as in ‘on the same bill’. But ‘with’ as in ‘we’re going to be his backing band on a couple of songs’. We couldn’t be more excited. Our comrades Shocks of Mighty are playing as well, kicking the evening off with some blistering punk rock. Please don’t miss this.

click on image to order tickets


3. Get a copy of the album. Singing Down The Government, or, The War of Position and How We’re Winning It is already being hotly tipped as this year’s finest Socialist RnB release. We’ll be selling them at the launch, of course. But if you can’t make it, order your copy now.

click on image to order the album


Don’t forget we also do two-album and three-album packages. Head over to Soviet Beret Records to browse the shop.

4. Download our free single – for one week only – celebrating the successes of the organised working class. It’s called ‘What The Movement’s Done For You’, and we’ve made it available for free as a soundtrack to Saturday’s march. We’ll take it down again at 23.59 Reigate time on Sunday, so click now to avoid disappointment. If you’ve already got it, send the link to your friends. Let’s get everyone singing it.

click on image to download track


But of all the above, the key thing is to go on the march. Stick two fingers up at the Tories, and the forces of capital. The more of us turn up, the clearer the message is.

Come and launch our album with us on October 18th

Just as it’s only class war if we fight back, it’s only an album launch of there’s comrades there to launch it. So come. Here’s the details.


and don’t forget that we’re just the warm-up act for the big event two days later:


See you at both….

New Mumford & Sons LP or New Thee Faction LP? A stark choice.

As you know, more and more people are labelling Thee Faction ‘The New Mumford & Sons’. The exact nature and extent of our respect for Mumford & Sons is, of course, very well documented. So you can imagine exactly how excited we are by this comparison.

This week sees the launch of the new Mumford & Sons album. To celebrate this, we offer you a choice. It is a choice as stark as the contradictions of capitalism. As opposed as the dialectic itself. As black and white as the prevailing labour relations. Your choice is: to splash your hard-earned on the new Mumford & Sons album, perhaps via a massive corporate retailer like Amazon or similar. Or to spend the cash you swapped for your labour on all three Thee Faction albums for £15with the money going straight to the band to fund further musical and political activities (if you need to try before you buy, there’s songs off all three albums here).

Click on image to get all three albums for £15

Effectively this is a ‘which side are you on?’ moment. Let’s work on the assumption that everyone will buy one or the other. This doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable assumption – that last Mumford & Sons record sold an astonishing number of ‘units’. So, purchasing the Mumford & Sons record says something very specific about you and your place in the class struggle. Purchasing all three Thee Faction records for £15 says something equally clear about you and your place in the class struggle.

This will be a question that will resonate through the ages. “That week, in September 2012: did you buy the Mumford & Sons second album from a massive retailing behemoth or all three Thee Faction records for £15 direct from socialists?“. You will either inflate your chest, look your interrogator in the eye, and confidently answer ‘the latter’, or cough uncomfortably, shuffle your feet, and mumble ‘the former’. You know what you’ve got to do.

Equally, we hear Mumford & Sons will be touring on the back of this new album. Now, attending a Mumford & Sons gig is an explicitly political statement. They take you by the throat and shove class war rhetoric and tight analytical polemic down your gullet, washed down with gallons of socialist rhythm’n’blues with all its redemptive qualities and invigorating energies. No, hang on, that’s us. Mumford & Sons preen in jeans about how mean their girlfriends have been. Or have public therapeutic struggles about their faith in deities or their angst over which way to turn (continue the musical gap year, or take that job at Goldman Sachs, presumably).

Again, the choice is yours. Turn up at one of their celebrations of bourgeois liberal individualistic existential nonsense where the next generation of investment bankers and management consultants chant in unison abut their superficial concerns, or come to the DDRofRnB and get down and dirty to Socialist RnB’s finest solution songs, concerned not with moments of self-indulgent anguish, but with class-based analysis and giving history a big old kick up the arse to propel it towards the next epoch. The one that will be ours.

Up to you, of course. We won’t judge your choices. You simply choose your side, and commit. If it’s Mumford & Sons and their bankrupt aesthetic, so be it. Or if it’s Thee Faction, with our anthems of joy, hope and solutions to the current crisis, then, again, so be it. We are not placing a higher value on one or the other. Just choose your side and be done with it.

And we’ll see you on one side of the barricades or the other. You choose which. Ours or Mumford’s. All we are doing, by offering this bundle of  records and an imminent DDRofRnB, is facilitating the choice.

Our side will win, mind.

Oh, and we are, of course, aware that some of you will already have one of more of our records, and might not want to buy the three album package. We understand. So you could make a very similar statement of your position in the class struggle, and your position regarding Mumford & Sons, by choosing between Mumford & Sons new album and our new album: Singing Down the Government, or, The War of Position and How We’re Winning It.

click on image to buy the album

or, equally, if you just want the two Thee Faction studio albums: Up the Workers, or, Capitalism is Good for Corporations That’s Why You’ve Been Told Socialism is Bad All Your Life and Singing Down the Government, or, The War of Position and How We’re Winning It, then that makes an identical statement about your role in the class war and where you stand vis a vis Mumford & Sons. And we’re offering them for a bargain basement £10 for the pair.

click on image to buy the two album package

Everyone needs to declare his or her hand, of course. Right now. So share this information. Post it on facebook or twitter. Or on your blog. Or email your friends. You must choose, brothers and sisters, you must choose. Whether you are going to be the problem, along with Mumford & Sons. Or whether you are going to the solution. Are you ready to testify?

Thee Faction: stars of analogue photography

Our dear friend from the CPNZ, Stephen Dowling, is a keen lover of olde worlde cameras and film stock. Having studied Pennie Smith’s gear & technique when she smudged The Clash in the 70s, Stephen came down with his Pentax ESII and smudged us at the DDR of R’n’B, our club in Putney. See his pictures here from Lomography Magazine, the portal for lovers of this kind of thing. They’re great shots.


Come to the next DDRofRnB. It’s on the 18th October at the Half Moon in Putney. Tickets £8 in advance. It’s an extra-special night because it will be everyone’s last chance to let our hair down before the TUC March on the 20th October. Less importantly, it’s also the launch party for our new record: Singing Down The Government, or, The War Of Position And How We’re Winning It. You might not have to wait til then for your copy, mind. Pre-order now and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can.

Marx would want you to attend this gig tonight.

Of course he would. Josie Long (on at 8.30), Colour me Wednesday, Hatty Ashdown, Thee Faction. All at the Half Moon. DDRofRnB. Get there early. Wear brilliant clothes. And it’s Billy Brentford’s birthday. Don’t give him anything less than a full house.

If you go to one gig this week…

…go to this one. You get Thee Faction, Colour Me Wednesday and special appearances from Josie Long and Clencha. It’s Billy Brentford’s birthday, It’s going to be all warm and fun and comradely. Come the Great Day all social events will be like this one. Thursday night is a taster.

Look! The comrades at thegirlsare know a gig of the week when they see one. Take their recommendation. Come to this. And order your tickets in advance, cos it’s cheaper and more efficient.

Buckingham Palace as a terraced house? The class war equivalent of ‘blacking up’.

As Madness played on the roof, the clever lighting people turned Buckingham Palace into a terrace of houses. See? They’re just like us.

The class war equivalent of blacking up.

Balls to them. Last day of this nonsense today. Take wednesday to recover. See you Thursday at the DDRofRnB.