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Billy Brentford on Core Arts

This post is a ‘shout-out’ to all our musician comrades …
You may have been at our big show at on Friday night? A brief missive is in order to introduce you fully to their work.
First, thanks to all those who came along; *WHAT A NIGHT* of dancing and entertainment. We had a meeting afterwards and a motion was passed that, since our ‘reformation’, this was the concert that reminded us most of the good ol’ days. No more modern fancy club gigs for us, it’s all all about the DDR of R’n’B and nights like this as we head towards the impending revolution.
We in the guild are suspicious of the notion of ‘Charity’. This reeks of social democracy: sometimes ‘Charity’ is an example of capitalist society preserving the status quo by sweeping the problems away with ‘a bit of fun’ without attacking the underlying problems of poverty, prejudice and injustice. ‘Charity’ in general, is the poulticing of an ulcer.
Whilst we obviously don’t deny charities need funding and are fully behind Nylons as he grows his ‘tache for Movember (especially as he looks so good) we in the guild urge you to give up your *time* for charitable organisations too.
Core Arts provides an environment where folks with mental health problems can express themselves through art and music. They have, in their beautiful former school house in London E9, created an environment to help break down many of the prejudices associated with people with mental health problems and promote access and participation in the arts. They have workshops and events to celebrate the talent and abilities of their members; one of the main aims to help these individuals to become economically independent and to integrate.
So, over to you.

If you’re a musician we urge you to get involved. They don’t need money (they’re slick, efficient and well-funded), They need you. Won’t take up much of your time. Core Arts has a recording studio: various excellent musicians give up their time to help the members record their ideas. A lot of these folks made up the entertainment before we took the stage on Friday, and they were all brilliant. Please, for a few hours, even if it’s just the once, sit in on one of these sessions. We met all the comrades that do on Friday, and they were all lovely.

The aim is to  “improve the potential for equality and lasting change for people who are generally regarded as having little to offer society”. By joining in on a guitar or some drums you could move this a little closer for someone.

Comradely rock!
the Music Technician Mark
the artistic director Paul
and our comrade the events co-ordinator Pete

and say we sent you…

…and ask what you can do. DO YOUR BIT!

You want to see Thee Faction with Brass Kapital? Here they are…

Here it is. The first official photo (courtesy of Comrade MKS) of Thee Faction with the Brass Kapital horns, live in action at the DDR of RnB last week. Much has been written of how momentous it all was. So we will say no more.

Have we, however, mentioned that we are playing in Hackney for free this weekend? Friday 4th November, at Core Arts, Homerton. Opens at 17.30, music starts at 20.00, we’re on at 22.00. It really is free, with good drinks prices and the ultimate in comradely spirit. This is going to feel like things should feel. Come and join us for it. Promoting positive mental health in East London. Can you, hand on heart, claim to be doing something better this Friday? Thought not. So we’ll see you there.


See Thee Faction for free. Friday. Hackney. Core Arts.

Last week’s show at the DDRofRnB was a phenomenon. Country Dirt did an epic cover of our own Marx, My Main Man, along with a big pile of excellent communist country. Andy Lewis and his Acid Jazz All Stars were exactly the tonic we all needed. Feel-good anthems with some tasty politics mixed in there. But the highlight of the evening was the confirmation of the merger between Thee Faction and all-woman horn section Brass Kapital. The new-look 9-piece Thee Faction was a sight to behold, and a sound to spark a revolution.
Will it be repeated this week? We don’t think so (at the moment…). The merger is still in its early days and diaries have not been fully synchronised. But even if Brass Kapital are otherwise engaged, what you’ll get this week is the classic six-piece Thee Faction line-up, and at least two new songs.
What’s more, you’ll get it for free. This Friday night (4th Nov) we’ll be playing at Core Arts in Hackney (Homerton, E9 6DJ), promoting positive mental health. The comrades at Core Arts are fantastic people, not least Pete O’Dublo (of The Dublo), and they are doing great, great things in a very cruel world. Come down and celebrate them – lend your support to the project, and have an evening of dancing to the Socialist RnB.
The place opens up at 17.30. Live music starts at 20.00. We’re on at 22.00. It is completely free to get in, and drinks are nicely priced. You know that vision of a better tomorrow we socialists all share? Friday night is going to look a lot like that. So don’t sit in the house, or spend money in some sort of corporate nightspot. Come down to Core Arts and celebrate good things with Thee Faction.
406 years ago this Friday, Guy Fawkes was cowering in a cellar in Westminster, mistakenly believing that wiping out politicians can fundamentally change society and deliver a better tomorrow. Let’s celebrate that anniversary by raising a glass to historical materialism, and the insights it gives us not just into the world as it is, but how to change it. Cos that’s the point. Let’s make Friday be all about that.
And free music, well-priced beer, and lovely comrades. Obviously. See you down there. Can’t wait.

Interview with Baby Face in R2 – Rock’n’Reel Magazine

Have we posted this before? If not, here’s an excellent interview with Baby Face from the latest issue of R2 – Rock’n’Reel Magazine. This represents an important moment in the war of position. Gramsci spoke of earthworks and ramparts. We see features of both in this interview.



Don’t forget to come and see us this week or next. This week it’s the DDRofRnB – London’t finest club for socialists, at the Half Moon in Putney (27/10). Next week (4/11) it’s Core Arts in Hackney – a free gig promoting positive mental health. Come to both.







Putney or Hackney? We play both in the next fortnight.

In the next two weeks you can choose which London-suburb-with-excellent-socialist-pedigree you see Thee Faction in. Or, if you’ve got any sense, you’ll come to both.

First up is the next DDR of RnB at the Half Moon in Putney. This one’s going to be a bit special. Country Dirt are kicking the evening off, possibly including a Thee Faction cover in their repertoire. Then we’re on. We’ll be debuting our new brass section: Brass Kapital. You really don’t want to miss this new-look-nine-piece-Thee-Faction. Then, once we’re done, Andy Lewis (he of Paul Weller’s band, and Spearmint) will be joined by his all-star collective to knock out some top class acid jazz. This is likely to be the best DDR of RnB yet. Get there early – we’re squeezing three bands in.



Then, the following week, we are off to Hackney. We’re playing at Core Arts, a brilliant project which promotes positive mental health. It’s free to get in, and we’re really looking forward to it. Come down.