buffalo bar

At the Buffalo Bar (28/11) we launch our new EP


Customer (featuring Attila the Stockbroker)

Relentless (featuring Judy Dyble)


Thee Faction’s Christmas Song

This new EP will be available at our next London gig. On the 28th November. Buffalo Bar. With Keith TOTP and his Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band. And also with Abdoujaparov (Fruitbat off of out of Carter USM’s current band). Here’s a taster:

Attila will be joining us on stage. Judy will be there too. Everything else we’re doing in London for the rest of 2013 is already sold-out. So if you want to see us in London, it’s got to be this one. It’s also a chance to pick up a load of Thee Faction records for Xmas presents. So bring money. And wear your best clothes.

Here’s all you need to know about the gig and how to get tickets.

See you there.

The Gig of 2012 – 12/12/12 Buffalo Bar, London


On Wednesday 12th December you have the opportunity to attend the gig of 2012. Something pretty spectacular will need to happen in the last few days of the year if this one is to be beaten. We’ll talk you through it.

First up, Eight Rounds Rapid. Essex’s finest. We predict this will be the last time you see them play bottom of the bill anywhere. Indeed, we suspect the next time you see them it’ll be somewhere much bigger, and they’ll be top of the bill. We played with them on their home turf, in Southend, and they were phenomenal. Best young band in Britain. Think ATV/Gang of Four/World Domination Enterprises/Future of the Left/Dr Feelgood/ John Cooper Clarke. But ploughing their own furrow in the finest way. Here’s their latest:

Then it’s a gang of our very favourite comrades (individually), grouped together as one of the world’s most comradely bands. Steve White and the Protest Family. At the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival earlier this year, everywhere you looked they were playing. And they were always epic. If you’ve never seen them you will love them. If you have seen them you already love them. Here’s one of theirs:

In between the Protest Family and Thee Faction comes what could be the high point of the evening. It’s certainly the bit that is most intriguing those who are coming. One of Thee Faction’s very favourite writers and comrades, Francis Wheen, is going to say a few words. You know him, of course, from Radio 4’s The News Quiz, from Private Eye, from the odd appearance on Have I Got News For You…but mainly you know him from his books. He brought Marx to life in his 1999 biography of the great man, for example. Thee Faction devour everything he writes. So it’ll be ‘best of order’ for a few minutes while he addresses the hordes. He may even throw in some vocals on a couple of Thee Faction songs….

Then we’re on. It’s our last show of an incredible year. We’ve played with some amazing bands this year (Franz Nikolay, Attila The Stockbroker, Laetitia Sadier, The Tuts, Joanne Joanne….). We’ve played some fantastic events (Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Marxism 2012, Communist University of Wales, the DDRofRnB…). We’ve put out the best Socialist RnB album of the year. But we’ve already got half an eye on 2013. Indeed, we’ll be straight into the studio in January to record the next album. So at the Buffalo Bar gig there’ll be some old favourites, some carefully chosen prime cuts from the current album, and a handful of corkers off the next one. Plus we’re polishing our polemic…..Less rock more talk….

So you’re going to be getting your fiver’s worth. Or six quid’s worth if you pay on the door. But we recommend booking tickets in advance. More efficient.

Doors open at 20.00. Get there early. Miss nothing. And wear your best clothes. You owe it to the movement.

On 23rd August we curate a night at the Buffalo Bar with our chums



Get your tickets in advance for a fiver. That’s £1.25 per band. Phenomenal value. See you there.

That’s Socialist RnB legends Thee Faction. All-woman Duran Duran tribute band Joanne Joanne. Wojtek off of out of Symposium. And all-grrrl punk rock phenomenon The Tuts. All chums of ours. It’s going to be super-comradely and fun, as you’d expect of a Guided Missile night.

Check the on-stage times to make sure you see all four bands.

Never Mind the Monarchs

It’s Royal Wedding week. We honestly couldn’t be more excited. We love our bread and circuses in Thee Faction. As you know, we’re having our own little celebration on Friday. It’s at the Buffalo Bar in London. We’re on early – about 9pm – but for once that might not form the high point of the evening, cos after us you’ve got Art Brut masquerading as Fuck Off Piss Off, a UK punk covers band, and then Guided Missile playing punk 7″s til 4am. It’s even got The Washington Post excited (we kid you not).  You genuinely don’t want to miss this. Here are all the details.

But we’ve posted about that before. The new news is this: one of our most approved podcasters – Planet Mondo – has put together a superb ‘cast to celebrate this most royal of weeks. Entitled Never Mind the Monarchs, it’s 75 minutes of brilliant music and entertaining chat. Kicking off with a bit of Carry On brilliance, followed by the Bonzos take on Rule Britannia, and straight into (inevitably) the Pistols doing you-know-what, this is essential listening for the week.

And, if you need any further incentive to listen, about 40 minutes in Captain Mondo spins Thee Faction’s ‘366’ and says lovely things about the Guild.

Go and listen now. It’ll get you in the mood.

F*ck the Royal Wedding

On April 29th William Windsor, or Wales or Mountbatten or Saxe-Coberg or whatever he calls himself, is marrying Kate Middleton. Or Katherine, as she is apparently going to have to call herself. The state, in its generous wisdom, has given us all the day off so that we can line the streets, waving union flags, and eating cupcakes at trestle tables. It’s going to be fantastic, obviously. However, eventually darkness will fall upon us, and we will be left with that feeling of coitus interruptus – of unconsummated physical love for our eventually-to-be king and queen.

What to do about those blue-balls for blue-blood? Bring ’em along to the F*ck the Royal Wedding party at the Buffalo Bar. With Thee Faction onstage at 21.00, an all-star punk rock covers band (F*ck off P*ss Off) knocking out some of your fave punk rock classics, and our hosts – Guided Missile – spinning rockin’ tunes til dawn, there is no way on the People’s earth that you can go home unsated. Coitus very much completed, comrade.

Do  not miss this. These ruling class nuptials pop up but once every two or three decades. They give us days off for ’em. Use that day wisely. Come to the F*ck the Royal Wedding party, and wear your best clothes.