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Next gig: 29 Nov – LONDONWICK

Our next gig is punker than punk – an all-dayer curated by Attila the Stockbroker himself. Look at this for a line-up!

3-30-4pm: JANINE BOOTH
she was a good ranting poet 30 years ago…now she’s FANTASTIC

4.15 – 5pm: BARNSTORMER
Attila the Stockbroker with his ‘renaissancecore’ band – medieval music meets punk

5.15 – 6pm THE PIRANHAS
Brighton’s legendary pioneering punks

6.15 – 6.30 pm
The WORLD PREMIERE of Farouq Suleiman’s short documentary film about Attila the Stockbroker’s 35 years as a ranting rebel poet

With poems and excerpts from his autobiography ‘Arguments Yard’

7.15 – 8.00pm THE TUTS
Brill new all-woman punk band from West London

8.15 – 9.00pm TV SMITH
once simply an Advert, now an entire and magnificent songwriting industry

9.15 – 10.00pm
Described by Attila as “The Feelgoods meet The Redskins at a beer festival in Highgate Cemetery”

‘Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people’ (Adrian Mitchell) ‘Mine doesn’t!’ (Attila the Stockbroker)

Join us for an afternoon and evening of punk poetry and live music curated, hosted and headlined by Attila the Stockbroker who will also be reading from his new autobiography Arguments Yard.

£10 ADV | Doors 3pm

Coming to a town near you

If you live in either Leeds or London, we are coming to a town near you soon!

Our next show is 7 November at Wharf Chambers, with our staunchies Interrobang.

Can’t get to Leeds? Tell your comrades who can.

Then on 29 November we join a line-up of punk royalty for Attila the Stockbroker’s Londonwick, in New Cross.


Then our final show of the year is Scroogenomics on 19 December at Rich Mix, with a Philosophy Football Christmas spectacular. Get your tickets in early – these shows always sell out.

Scroogeonomics flyer

New Thee Faction EP available now







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‘Songs to Remind the Class of the Glorious Victory to Come, and the Work That Must Be Done To Get There’ is the new EP from Thee Faction.

Featuring a  reworking of old Thee Faction favourite ‘Customer’, with legendary punk poet Attila the Stockbroker on lead vocals, as well as a never-heard-before brand new song ‘Relentless’, sung by Judy Dyble, of Fairport Convention fame, this four-track EP is limited to 250 copies. As well as these two special-guest-sung highlights you’ll also get ‘Employment’ (from the current album Good Politics) and Thee Faction’s Christmas Song (previously masquerading as a hidden track on an old album that’s no longer available).

Have a listen to the trailer:

You really need this. There’s not going to be another opportunity to get the Attila or Judy songs. So order now.

Of course, you might want to order it as a package with the current album, Good Politics. If you do, you can have the pair for £10 (incl.P&P).




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Or, if you haven’t got Singing Down the Government either, you can get both albums and the EP for £12 (incl. P&P).





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means of production




At the Buffalo Bar (28/11) we launch our new EP


Customer (featuring Attila the Stockbroker)

Relentless (featuring Judy Dyble)


Thee Faction’s Christmas Song

This new EP will be available at our next London gig. On the 28th November. Buffalo Bar. With Keith TOTP and his Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band. And also with Abdoujaparov (Fruitbat off of out of Carter USM’s current band). Here’s a taster:

Attila will be joining us on stage. Judy will be there too. Everything else we’re doing in London for the rest of 2013 is already sold-out. So if you want to see us in London, it’s got to be this one. It’s also a chance to pick up a load of Thee Faction records for Xmas presents. So bring money. And wear your best clothes.

Here’s all you need to know about the gig and how to get tickets.

See you there.

What news from Thee Faction?

We’ve not been keeping you abreast of stuff. So here’s the news.

On Wednesday 22nd May we’re quietly playing the Buffalo Bar in Islington, to celebrate Billy Brentford’s birthday. Want to come? Just turn up and tell them on the door why you’re there. No charge, but it’s a party so keep it comradely. Joanne Joanne are playing too. They’re epic.

On Sunday 26th May we’re playing the Now We Are festival in  West Bromwich. Get your tickets here.

The next day we release our new single. Better Than Wages. It’ll be available for free, here on our website. In the meantime, here’s the video:

Then, on June 1st, we are playing our great friend and comrade Attila the Stockbroker’s Glastonwick Festival. We’re playing last, on the Saturday night. Which the bourgeois end of the music industry might call ‘headlining’. We call it ‘going on last on the Saturday night’. You have to come to this. And when you do make sure you catch Grace Petrie and Robin Ince and Attila and everyone else. But especially Steve White and the Protest Family.

Then on the 6th July Thee Faction, The Protest Family, Attila, and all sorts of others will be playing the Matchwomen’s Festival in London. It’s going to be free and ultra comradely. Come.

And then we release the new album.

goog politics stretched

After which we all club together, bring down capitalism, and build something much better. Just as Marx and GDH Cole intended. But this only happens if everyone plays the game. So join us.

It is impossible that you have anything better to do than attend the DDRofRnB tonight

Drop whatever else you might be intending to do tonight, and come to the Half Moon, Putney, for the DDRofRnB.

Opening the show will be Shocks of Mighty. They play blistering punk rock, and are proper solid comrades. Get there early and make sure you see them.

Next up will be Attila the Stockbroker. He’s a legend, and needs no introduction. We can’t believe we have the opportunity to play with him. He’s also invited us to play Glastonwick in 2013, and tonight might feel a bit like an audition for that. The best news is that we will be backing him on two songs. So make sure you take photos and video of those moments. We’ll never forgive you if you don’t.

Then we’re on. Well, we’re on after Attila cos he needs to get the train back to Sussex, and the comrades in the RMT haven’t managed to lay on a special train. We’re launching the new album. We’re kicking off with a brand new song that’s on the next blimmin’ album. That’s how prolific we are. We’re going to do a Greatest Hits set, with favourites from the first two albums and the ones the radio has been playing from the new one.

But, as you know, the point of the DDRofRnB is not who is playing. The point is to change the world. Our club is unique in its comradely atmosphere and political determination, in its larks and laughs and its solidarity and socialism. That’s why people keep coming back. Billy Brentford will be compering. Baby Face will be on polemic. And the bands will be on fire.

See you at the Half Moon, comrade. Wear your best clothes. Scruffiness is bourgeois. Liberal individualism at its worst. Dress for the class.

How fun are Thee Faction live? This much fun

We’ve got a brand new video, made for us by the comrades from Colour Me Wednesday. It’s for our new single: Soapbox

What was that? You like it? You like it a lot? You wish you had a copy? Then download the single for free (until 23.59 Reigate time on 16 October, when it will be withdrawn).

Oh, you like it so much that you want a whole album of this kind of thing? Then go and order the new one. Singing Down The Government, or, The War of Position And How We’re Winning It is out on October 20th, to coincide with the TUC A Future That Works march, but we might have a few copies lying around for early dispatch if you pre-order. Here’s the music you get on it. But there’s twelve tracks of polemic too: a twelve point programme to destroy capitalism, if you will.

Sorry – we misunderstood. You mean you want all our albums? OK. They’re all available at Soviet Beret Records. Go and buy them.

Oh, you really mean you want to experience the Thee Faction Socialist RnB experience live and unmediated? Of course you do. Then put this date in your diary: 18th October 2012. It’s the launch of the new album, a last chance to let your hair down before the march on the Saturday, and it will feature Attila the Stockbroker and Wojtek Godzisz. Do not miss this show.

Do us a favour, comrade. Our marketing team is you. That is to say, no one else is going to sell our records or push our shows or get people to download our singles except you. Share everything. Put it on facebook, on twitter, on your blog, in your email. Share share share. This war of position ain’t going to win itself, you know. It’ll take teamwork and solidarity. Get working.

Thee Faction, as always, salute you. And will continue to do so.