Here’s a selection of Thee Faction videos. Some made for us by talented comrades. Some cobbled together by us. Some recorded live. If you like them, please do share them. And if you want to buy our records, you can get them all from here.

From Reading Writing Revolution, 2015. Choose Your Enemy.

From Good Politics, 2013. Better Than Wages.


From Singing Down The Government, 2012. Sausage Machine.


The first single from Singing Down The Government, 2012. Soapbox.


The opening song on Singing Down The Government, 2012. Let’s Have a Meetin’.


Our tribute to the successes of the working class: What the Movement’s Done For You. From Singing Down the Government.


Live version of (Don’t Call on Rock’n’Roll) Call on GDH Cole. You’ll find the studio version on Singing Down The Government.


A proper film clip for Ready, from Up The Workers, made by our favourite militant French film maker Perrine Nouvier


366 – kind of a promo video, if we did that sort of thing. From Up The Workers!

Only, with accompanying pictures. From Up the Workers!


Deft Left – a video of us appearing live on the BBC. From Up The Workers!


Angry, to commemorate the mass strike in the UK on November 30th 2012. From Up the Workers!


Conservative Friend (live at the Bull & Gate, September 2010). From Up The Workers!


Don’t Sell Your Consent (from At Ebbw Vale)


Rise Up (from At Ebbw Vale)


Your Hands Are Tied (live at the Old Queen’s Head, April 2010). From At Ebbw Vale.

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