You want to come and see the Thee Faction Socialist RnB experience live? Here’s where:

13428532_1149494731774220_6335051937436112692_n2 July – London, Matchwomen’s Festival

At Nambucca, London N7. With The Wimmins’ Institute, Steve White & The Protest Family and others. A day of discussion, poetry, comedy and music.

More information here. Tickets £5 here.


13254289_1213722075306825_2912489957003074247_n9 Sept – London, The Borderline

Supporting The Frank and Walters.

Tickets £16.50 here.




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    1. Love to, comrade. Trouble is, nine people, each with a full time job, some with kids…. ‘t ain’t easy. But we’ll get there. As with all gigs away from where we live, local help is what makes it happen.


      1. Saw you guys at Tulpuddle and you were awesome one of the highlights at a great Festival, will definitely be trying to catch you at another time. Thanks for a storming session, keep the faith comrades


  2. Gigs seem to be few and far between. Those outside London even fewer. Any chance of leaving the safe Guardian-reading homeland of the South East for some real proletarian heartlands – the North would love to see you perform.


    1. Comrade – we would love to. Fact is, with children and full time jobs and political activities, organising tours is next to impossible. We always look very fondly upon genuine invitations, and comrades who help us to set up gigs where they are. Particularly if they have an audience, either of comrades or of people whose minds need changing, waiting to hear us. We are mobile. We just take some mobilising.

      The (Manchester, as was) Guardian remains popular in the North West, we’re told.


  3. Met one of you lot on the 55 bus to hackney. Was it nylon. Not heard your tunes yet, but sounds like a mad eclectic mix you got going on. I’ll have to catch the next gig


    1. I suspect that will have been Nylons. He sits on buses, spreading the revolutionary word. See you at the next gig, comrade.


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