Happy 65th Birthday to the NHS

Scared of us is on our new LP, Good Politics. Available for £7 (incl.P&P):

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New Single – Better Than Wages – Download for free

Today we release our brand new single: Better Than Wages. Download it here for free. And share very very widely.

Of course, if you prefer to be able to watch pictures while listening to your Socialist RnB, you can watch the video here:

There’s an album version too, which will be the opening track on Good Politics: Your Role As An Active Citizen in Civil Society. But this single is a bit special. It’s a remix by one of our staunchest comrades Andy Lewis. He’s popped it up some, emphasising the horns and throwing some noises in, and we like it very much. But if your preference is for our more traditional massive guitar onslaught, don’t worry: the album version has more than enough guitar to please you. Keep an eye on the news from Soviet Beret for details of how to get your copy.

Meanwhile, do your bit and send this single viral. Link to this page and get everyone you know to download it. There will be rewards that are better than wages. But not ’til we all actively seek them out. Let’s up the consciousness, comrades. Do your bit.


What news from Thee Faction?

We’ve not been keeping you abreast of stuff. So here’s the news.

On Wednesday 22nd May we’re quietly playing the Buffalo Bar in Islington, to celebrate Billy Brentford’s birthday. Want to come? Just turn up and tell them on the door why you’re there. No charge, but it’s a party so keep it comradely. Joanne Joanne are playing too. They’re epic.

On Sunday 26th May we’re playing the Now We Are festival in  West Bromwich. Get your tickets here.

The next day we release our new single. Better Than Wages. It’ll be available for free, here on our website. In the meantime, here’s the video:

Then, on June 1st, we are playing our great friend and comrade Attila the Stockbroker’s Glastonwick Festival. We’re playing last, on the Saturday night. Which the bourgeois end of the music industry might call ‘headlining’. We call it ‘going on last on the Saturday night’. You have to come to this. And when you do make sure you catch Grace Petrie and Robin Ince and Attila and everyone else. But especially Steve White and the Protest Family.

Then on the 6th July Thee Faction, The Protest Family, Attila, and all sorts of others will be playing the Matchwomen’s Festival in London. It’s going to be free and ultra comradely. Come.

And then we release the new album.

goog politics stretched

After which we all club together, bring down capitalism, and build something much better. Just as Marx and GDH Cole intended. But this only happens if everyone plays the game. So join us.

Thatcher dies. Thee Faction launch new video.

A rabid class warrior has died. The struggle continues. We don’t take moral exception to the celebrations. We just note that her death will do little, if anything, to loosen up the grip of bourgeois hegemony. In fact, if the hagiographical tributes the TV news is showing us are anything to go by, it’s a splendid opportunity for the ruling class to reinstall her as the postergirl of British capitalism. Which is very disappointing. So we need to redouble our efforts.


Tonight, though, we do celebrate everyone who stood up to her. Those who refused to believe the lies about apartheid, the lies about trades’ unions, the lies about ‘freedom’, the lies about selling off our industry and our housing stock. Those who told her she was wrong in her careful imbalancing of the tax system – whether income or community. We also honour her victims: those who didn’t make it, and those who weren’t strong enough for the new robust liberal individualism she forced on us all. Many of us retreated into traditional ties of solidarity, but any project designed to atomize society is going to leave a lot of people isolated. That’s the point, of course. United we stand, and they knew that.


We could knock out a lengthy article, rebutting the TV’s claims, for example, that she had ‘phenomenal moral courage’. But we have long asserted our commitment to solution songs, rather than protest songs. So instead of pointing out the evils of Thatcher as everyone else will be doing we, via Artrocker TV,  have premiered our new video for Better Than Wages. It’s a song that takes the end of the wages system as a given, and celebrates the joys to be had in prioritising other, more joyous things. Listen hard. The album version – Track One on Good Politics: Your Role As An Active Citizen In Civil Society – is heavier on the guitar and has the odd lyrical difference. This version, a remix from our very good friend and ultra-solid comrade Andy Lewis, is heavier on the horns and keys, and sounds fantastic. A radio hit, we hope. Watch the video right through. The gags come later on.

The point is that the struggle has got to continue. A night on the pop to celebrate Thatcher’s demise is probably well-earned, we s’pose, if you’ve spent decades fighting the ruling class. But for us it changes nothing. So the best way we can mark the death of this class warrior is to remind ourselves that we didn’t start this class war. But we’re going to end it. This video is a cheap, simple, light-hearted way of reminding everyone that there is better to come. Retain hope. Seek joy. Stay positive. Fight on.

Do share this with everyone you know. There’s no point in restricting this stuff to a small audience. Thee Faction are worthless as a well kept secret shared by the socialist cognoscenti. Get the word out.

Thatcher’s gone. But not forgotten. Let’s focus on what we’re fighting for.



Victory at Stalingrad – The Movie


On 2nd February 2013 Thee Faction took part in a fantastic night, organised by the comrades at Philosophy Football, to celebrate the 70th anniversay of the Red Army smashing the Nazis at Stalingrad. It was one of the best thought-out and planned events we’ve ever been a part of. There were speakers (historian Geoffrey Roberts, Seamus Milne, Clare Solomon, Susan Richards), bands (Thee Faction and the Trans-Siberian March Band),  and a disco (with our own Billy Brentford spinning some floor-filling proletarian sexy club funk), all held together with rabble-rousing polemic from Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman. It was sold-out, yet the move from seated lecture hall to vibrant dance hall was executed super-smoothly, and the whole event was a wonderful example of why socialism is always going to be more efficient than capitalism. Thee Faction had a tremendous time, and the comrades on the merch stall managed to sell record breaking quantities of our records, despite stiff competition from the Great Patriotic War memorial plates.

The whole thing is available as a movie (above). It’ll take up a quarter of an hour of your time to watch, but it gives a real flavour of how special this event was. We pop up in the middle doing ‘366’ and at the end stumbling through the harmonies on ‘Marx, My Main Man’. Watch, enjoy, and make sure you go to these comrades next event. Us? We’ve got our fingers crossed for an invite to perform at whatever they do in 2017. That’s a pretty big anniversarsary….

Oh, the comrades at Philosophy Football made some superb shirts to commemorate Stalingrad. Pop across and have a look. Buy them for all your family.



Download ‘Sausage Machine’ For Free

For all sorts of very important reasons (read about them here) we are offering you the chance to download Sausage Machine for free.

Click here to download Sausage Machine for free

Tell everyone. Literally everyone. And show them this video. Cos we need to sell 100 copies of Singing Down the Government to be able to release the new album. Help us do that.

Send it viral, comrades. Send it viral.

What you’re doing when you’re not working

Right, comrades. This is what you’re doing when not working this week – and beyond. Much of it is covered in this cartoon, which reminds you to go to Birkfest on the 28th October. It’s an important community event in E11, cos the Birkbeck pub is under threat and needs rescuing. Probably from property developers or similar. We’re not playing Birkfest. But our very good friends and comrades Steve White and the Protest Family will be playing it. We don’t need to explain this, mind. The cartoon explains it brilliantly. Watch and learn.

The cartoon, which you will have watched by now, also explains why you should come to this:

click on image for tickets

However, the most important imminent event is this:

and to celebrate it, we’re offering a free download of What The Movement’s Done For You. Download it, and then tell all your friends to download it. It’s up for this week only.

click on image to download track

See you on Thursday. Then on Saturday.

How fun are Thee Faction live? This much fun

We’ve got a brand new video, made for us by the comrades from Colour Me Wednesday. It’s for our new single: Soapbox

What was that? You like it? You like it a lot? You wish you had a copy? Then download the single for free (until 23.59 Reigate time on 16 October, when it will be withdrawn).

Oh, you like it so much that you want a whole album of this kind of thing? Then go and order the new one. Singing Down The Government, or, The War of Position And How We’re Winning It is out on October 20th, to coincide with the TUC A Future That Works march, but we might have a few copies lying around for early dispatch if you pre-order. Here’s the music you get on it. But there’s twelve tracks of polemic too: a twelve point programme to destroy capitalism, if you will.

Sorry – we misunderstood. You mean you want all our albums? OK. They’re all available at Soviet Beret Records. Go and buy them.

Oh, you really mean you want to experience the Thee Faction Socialist RnB experience live and unmediated? Of course you do. Then put this date in your diary: 18th October 2012. It’s the launch of the new album, a last chance to let your hair down before the march on the Saturday, and it will feature Attila the Stockbroker and Wojtek Godzisz. Do not miss this show.

Do us a favour, comrade. Our marketing team is you. That is to say, no one else is going to sell our records or push our shows or get people to download our singles except you. Share everything. Put it on facebook, on twitter, on your blog, in your email. Share share share. This war of position ain’t going to win itself, you know. It’ll take teamwork and solidarity. Get working.

Thee Faction, as always, salute you. And will continue to do so.

Let’s Have A Meeting: new Thee Faction video courtesy of Union News



Where do you go for your news every morning? Corporate-owned media? Wrong. Trust-owned media? Maybe better. The BBC? Much better.  But the BBC is everyone’s. It’s not ours.


Fact is, we’re fighting a war of position, and that involves making sure that all the institutions of civil society are ours. And that includes where we get our news.


That’s why Thee Faction look to Union News every day, before they go anywhere else. It’s a media channel of the class, for the class, about the class war. In all its forms: economic, cultural and political. It’s brilliantly presented, has fantastic access, and is consistently right (that is to say, left).


The comrades – Pete and Tim – at Union News have made a video for Let’s Have a Meeting, the opening song on Thee Faction’s new album Singing Down The Government, or, The War Of Position And How We’re Winning It. It’s a brilliant video, in that it shows a lot of the Movement fighting back, and very little of us showing off on stage. That is to say, it’s a non-bourgeois pop video. It’s the thing you’ve just watched, above. 18 months ago we outlined the rules of the non-bourgeois pop video. We’ve obeyed all of them bar two. There are cars in here.  But they are driven by people being approached by pickets. That is to say, no one is escaping. People are fconfronting. So we’re OK, we think. .The other is cameo appearances. This video features a handful of ‘celebrities of the left’. But they’re doing what they – Owen Jones,Bob Crow, Mark Serwotka and others – should be doing. They aren’t walking on in a funny hat to draw attention to the band. So we think we’re OK on that too.


If you like what you hear, there are 11 more slices of Socialist RnB along very similar lines on the album, and a load of polemic detailing how to destroy capitalism. Get it for £7, or, if you haven’t got our previous album Up The  Workers, get them both for a tenner. Including postage.



Oh, and if you want to come and catch us live, head to the seaside and come to this:

Are you ready for the revolution?


Capitalism isn’t going to last much longer. Everyone is questioning it. Now is the time to prepare yourself for what comes next. It is time to ask yourself the question: are you ready for the revolution?

We’ve been working with one of our favourite film makers on this video to Ready? and it has just been completed. Perrine Nouvier makes all kinds of films including, in 2010, two documentaries, one about the children of the workers of the Tanvez factory (Brittany) and one about the workers in the port of Saint-Brieuc. She’s married to a Welshman, she’s full of socialist zeal, and she just makes fantastic films. She wanted to make one for Thee Faction, and we leapt at the chance.

We really hope you like the result. Share it with the world. Seriously, everyone needs to see this. It’s time to prepare ourselves. Are you ready for the revolution?