New Thee Faction EP available now







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‘Songs to Remind the Class of the Glorious Victory to Come, and the Work That Must Be Done To Get There’ is the new EP from Thee Faction.

Featuring a  reworking of old Thee Faction favourite ‘Customer’, with legendary punk poet Attila the Stockbroker on lead vocals, as well as a never-heard-before brand new song ‘Relentless’, sung by Judy Dyble, of Fairport Convention fame, this four-track EP is limited to 250 copies. As well as these two special-guest-sung highlights you’ll also get ‘Employment’ (from the current album Good Politics) and Thee Faction’s Christmas Song (previously masquerading as a hidden track on an old album that’s no longer available).

Have a listen to the trailer:

You really need this. There’s not going to be another opportunity to get the Attila or Judy songs. So order now.

Of course, you might want to order it as a package with the current album, Good Politics. If you do, you can have the pair for £10 (incl.P&P).




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Or, if you haven’t got Singing Down the Government either, you can get both albums and the EP for £12 (incl. P&P).





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means of production




At the Buffalo Bar (28/11) we launch our new EP


Customer (featuring Attila the Stockbroker)

Relentless (featuring Judy Dyble)


Thee Faction’s Christmas Song

This new EP will be available at our next London gig. On the 28th November. Buffalo Bar. With Keith TOTP and his Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band. And also with Abdoujaparov (Fruitbat off of out of Carter USM’s current band). Here’s a taster:

Attila will be joining us on stage. Judy will be there too. Everything else we’re doing in London for the rest of 2013 is already sold-out. So if you want to see us in London, it’s got to be this one. It’s also a chance to pick up a load of Thee Faction records for Xmas presents. So bring money. And wear your best clothes.

Here’s all you need to know about the gig and how to get tickets.

See you there.

Armistice Day Launch for Philosophy Football’s ‘Remembering 1914’ T-Shirt

ww1 s-s final

Today, on Armistice Day 2013, the comrades at Philosophy Football launch a Special Edition T-shirt for next year’s 1914 Centenary.  Designed by renowned illustrator and Philosophy Football collaborator Dan Murrell, a hauntingly simple yet incredibly powerful image to commemorate the sacrifice, appalling waste and destruction of the ‘Great War’. A silhouette of an unknown soldier, with a football instead of a rifle in hand, a single red poppy to remind us of the terrible physical and psychological damage that the ‘War to End All Wars’ resulted in. 

The soldier might be a Clydeside shipbuilder, a Dublin postal worker, a Welsh miner, an Indian farmer, a New Zealander, a Canadian, an American, an Australian, a South African, a Birmingham foundry worker, a Manchester mill hand, a Fleet Street machine minder. The place and date are unspecified. He’d sooner be playing football, away from the horror. And of course famously on Christmas Day 1914 soldiers from both sides did just that, a brief but hugely symbolic  episode of rank-and-file resistance to the juggernaut of war which left 22 million dead. He’d rather be playing football but all his mates who would play in his team would soon be be dead  at Loos, or Vimy Ridge. or the Somme, or Passchendaele. He is the Unknown Soldier, shown through a unique Philosophy Football prism.

And it is more than just a shirt. As Philosophy Football’s unique contribution to the centenary it will help fund a major event they have planned for Saturday 20 December 2014, to mark the 1914 Christmas Football Truce with a peace football tournament, music, poetry, ideas and art . An event in support of the No Glory in War 1914-18 campaign, which the shirt will be promoting too.

With respect and imagination Philosophy Football mark in a modern way via a T-shirt  the memory of World War One. The aim is to help challenge the hoopla of the fast-approaching centenary that threatens to smother us with a message of what a lovely war it was, and never mind cause, consequence or dubious purpose.

Socialist RnB Chart


Comrades, the days are drawing short; the dark Tory mornings are closing in, and the capitalist clock has gone back, and this can mean only one thing. That’s right, it’s time for the seasonal catch-up with the Socialist RnB chart.

The good news is that Thee Faction’s plaudit-laden current album is straight in a number 3! Thanks to all of you for your support (and see the link below if you haven’t yet got around to ordering your copy.)

Unfortunately, in what’s becoming a bit of a pattern, timing is against us and not one but TWO Socialist RnB classics have charted higher: reissues of TV Smith’s 80s band Cheap, and Tom Robinson’s 70s band.. the Tom Robinson Band.

It’s not a competition. In fact we welcome the opportunity this gives us for reflection and self-criticism. We will redouble our efforts, hone our analysis and return next year a better Thee Faction, with a greater fifth album.

And at least we beat the Billy Bragg re-issue. Perhaps the Bard of Bridport will now rue overlooking Thee Faction for Glastonbury’s Left Field Stage FOUR years running? As Marx once said*: what goes around, comes around.

In other news, an expected and deserved place in the top 5 to indiepop revolutionaries Colour Me Wednesday, for their debut album on Discount Horse records. Just below them, new entries from Grace Petrie, with her new band, and from Robb Johnson and Steve White, without their bands. Don’t be putting ideas in Billy Brentford’s head now.

Eagle-eyed chartologists may notice that last year’s Paddy Nash album is down as a new entry. Let’s just say that getting chart returns from Socialist RnB outlets can mean playing the long game. Onward!

Thee Faction’s highest charting albums ‘Good Politics’ and ‘Singing Down The Government’ can be bought as a single package HERE for only £10



*“Eighteenth Brumaire”(probably)

Thee Faction return to Newport (18/10/13)

thee faction le pub


On Friday the 18th October Thee Faction return to Newport, South Wales – just a few miles from Ebbw Vale, of At Ebbw Vale fame. There’s only one venue we play in Newport: Le Pub. Once again we team up with the comrades of Give Me Memphis – South Wales’s best kept secret (go and keep in touch with them on Facebook). It is going to be a fantastic evening. If you’re anywhere out West, get yourself down there. We reckon the catchment area for this one is from Swindon to Haverfordwest, and we’ve posted a lot of Thee Faction albums to comrades along that stretch, so we expect you all to be there. It’s going to be tremendous.

If you really can’t make this one, don’t worry – we’re back in South Wales on the 24th November at Cardiff MindFest. More details on this once Newport’s done.

mindfest poster


Oh, the other news is that the No Pasaran event in December is sold out. Sorry if you missed out. The only non-sold out chance to see us in England this year looks like the Buffalo Bar in Islington on the 28th November. So put that in your diary. In fact, given the tendency of things to sell out at the moment, order your tickets now.

Thee Faction to Headline No Pasaran

A Night to Remember for the 75th Anniversary of the Return of the International Brigade’s British Battalion

A guest post from the comrades at Philosophy Football.


The red hot socialist R n’ B of Thee Faction will headline a spectacular show ‘No Pasaran’ which marks on Saturday 7 December the 75th anniversary of the return of the International Brigade’s British Battalion from the Spanish Civil War. It will be a fantastic gig: if you are a fan of Thee Faction’s music don’t miss it.
The rest of a superb line-up includes Maxine Peake, Mark Steel, Paul Mason, Francesca Beard, PanditG and Salma Yaqoob. Spoken word, comedy, red-hot socialist r n b, ideas and a dancefloor-filling DJ set. All brought together to mark the 75th anniversary of 7 December 1938 when the men and women of the International Brigade’s British Battalion docked at Newhaven then travelled by train to Victoria to be met by a crowd of thousands to celebrate their heroic stand against Fascism. 75 years on, Saturday 7 December 2013, ‘No Pasaran!’ Will be a night to remember.
The venue is superb too, Rich Mix is East London’s premier arts centre, superbly equipped for an event of this ambition, just 10 minutes walk from Liverpool Street or Old Street underground stations, almost opposite Shoreditch High Street overground station.
A Philosophy Football event, presented in association with the International Brigade Memorial Trust and generously sponsored by Thompson’s Solicitors
Tickets, just £9.99 plus p&p, are going fast so snap yours up early to be sure of your place. On the night doors will open at 6pm, the show begins at 7pm.
Book here   or if you prefer call to book 01273 472 721.
A note from Thee Faction: This will be the second of Philosophy Football’s events we’ve played at, having guested at their tremendous Stalingrad anniversary event last year. These nights are always amazing. The kind of person who likes us will love this night. The perfect mix of music and laughing and politics and dancing and polemic and drama and drinking and catching up with old comrades. You must come to this. It will sell out, so if you’re planning to come, book now.

This Machine Kills Capitalism – Buy Thee Faction’s ‘Good Politics’ – the new album

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“a dose of wildly galvanising, blisteringly angry, insanely entertaining blue collar rock’n’roll….mixing the grungey pub rock power of Dr Feelgood with the bolshy brass of Dexys, virtually every track is scalp-pricklingly good…” (Mojo – 4/5)

“The pseudonymous collective purvey piledriving, brassy RnB and proletarian-rousing politics, and deliver both with unapologetic gusto, at a time when both are needed more than ever….they offer a blood transfusion to the world-weary, painfully over-sophisticated state of 21st century pop.” (Classic Rock 8/10)

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If you are desperately trying to find the soundtrack to the fightback against neo-liberalism, and this Tory-led government. If you are desperate for solution songs, not protest songs. If you’re wondering what happened to noisy soul bands with guitars and horns. If you want a brilliant album for only £7 (incl.P&P), then look no further. Thee Faction’s third studio album – Good Politics: Your Role As An Active Citizen in Civil Society – is out now. If you’re happy with the Mumford-isation of music, then this is not for you. But if you know, deep in your soul, that art is a hammer not a mirror, and if you need music free of ego and rammed full of devastating political analysis delivered with joy, hope and humour, you really need this record.

Like all those TV-advertised compilation albums in the 80s that you didn’t want, Thee Faction’s albums are not available in the shops.* Neither are they available for download. We don’t want intermediaries, and we don’t think you should have our music without the carefully considered and designed packaging that accompanies it. So you can only get it direct from us. Order right now and we’ll dispatch it within a day.

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As well as live favourites ‘Better Than Wages’, ‘It Don’t Work’, ‘Employment’ and ‘Con-Dem-Nation’, the album contains some surprise treats, including ‘What Suzy Digs’, featuring our favourite living author – Francis Wheen (biographer of Karl Marx) – on tremendous lead vocals. Richard Archer out of Hard Fi pops up on vocals as usual, of course, as well as all sorts of other special guests, including the legend that is Keith TOTP. The artwork comes, yet again, courtesy of our favourite cartoonist – the Independent’s Andy Watt.

So you’re getting a beautifully packaged album, full of special guests and socialist hits. For £7. Wherever you live. It’s £7. Including postage. We may even chuck in a badge.

Still not entirely sure? Here’s a trailer for the album to convince you:

Here’s the video to the remix of ‘Better Than Wages’ Andy Lewis (off of out of Paul Weller’s band) did for us:

Want to read the pre-release reviews in full? Here’s the Mojo one:

photo (15)

and here’s the Classic Rock one:

classic rock review

There’ll be more reviews now the record’s out, of course. But get in now. Get your copy. It’s the soundtrack to the class war. It’ll put a smile on your face and hope in your heart. And an analysis on your tongue. A socialist needs nothing else.

So waste no time. Buy it now:

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Come on. Help a DIY band out. You may have given up buying records. Make an exception. Cos this one’s for the Movement. Order now. £7 including P&P. Click through and order.

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*well, bar a couple of ultra-comradely ones run by people we love and trust.

Thee Faction land four star review in Mojo

We don’t know if you take Mojo. If you do, you’ll have noticed our 4 star review in there this month (August 2013 issue). If you don’t, here it is. The reviewer is absolutely right, of course.

Read the review then scroll down the page for details of how to order your own copy. If you want to listen to a song or three, look for the music player over there to the right.
photo (14)

and it continues….

photo (16)

Like the sound of it? Then click Buy Now to pick up your copy for £7 incl P&P. Act now!

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Still not bought? Then here’s a trailer with a snippet of each song:

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