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Guitarist and polemicist of Socialist R&B legends Thee Faction

Thee Faction return to Newport (18/10/13)

thee faction le pub


On Friday the 18th October Thee Faction return to Newport, South Wales – just a few miles from Ebbw Vale, of At Ebbw Vale fame. There’s only one venue we play in Newport: Le Pub. Once again we team up with the comrades of Give Me Memphis – South Wales’s best kept secret (go and keep in touch with them on Facebook). It is going to be a fantastic evening. If you’re anywhere out West, get yourself down there. We reckon the catchment area for this one is from Swindon to Haverfordwest, and we’ve posted a lot of Thee Faction albums to comrades along that stretch, so we expect you all to be there. It’s going to be tremendous.

If you really can’t make this one, don’t worry – we’re back in South Wales on the 24th November at Cardiff MindFest. More details on this once Newport’s done.

mindfest poster


Oh, the other news is that the No Pasaran event in December is sold out. Sorry if you missed out. The only non-sold out chance to see us in England this year looks like the Buffalo Bar in Islington on the 28th November. So put that in your diary. In fact, given the tendency of things to sell out at the moment, order your tickets now.


Thee Faction in Barnsley – 5th October



You don’t need us to tell you the significance of Orgreave. So you’ll understand why a night of music remembering that moment in the class war is vitally important, and why the injustices must not be forgotten. So you’ll want to be at this.

Comrades in the North East and North West are forever pointing out that we don’t visit them enough. So meet us half way. See you all in Barnsley.

NB The venue has changed. The gig is now at Club Retro (see poster above).

Can’t make this one? Then get yourself to Newport, South Wales for the 18th October. We return to Le Pub with the comrades of Give Me Memphis.

thee faction le pub

Thee Faction at the Bubble Club – 18/09/13



On Wednesday night we will be helping the Bubble Club celebrate their 8th birthday, at the Backyard Bar in Bethnal Green, London. We’ll be bashing out some hits, introducing a couple of new ones, and even unleashing a one-off song (‘The Bubble Club’) we’ve written especially for the occasion. Get your phones out to record that one, because we won’t ever play it again.

Why should you come? Well, even if you don’t fancy seeing us, The Bubble Club is exactly the sort of organisation you should be supporting. Check this out, for example.

If you can’t make it, it’s going to be a while ’til we play London again. So you’ll have to console yourself with a copy of our new album, Good Politics. £7 including postage (to anywhere) and packing.

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Try before you buy? Here’s a trailer:

Have a look at all the press and whathaveyou here.




What are Thee Faction up to?

Time to update you on our movements, comrades.

First up is our appearance at the Walthamstow Festival, London, E17 (6/9/13):

Thee Faction stow

Then we’re off to Bethnal Green (18/9/13):


Then we’ll be in Barnsley (5/10/13):


We’re playing Le Pub in Newport (18/10/13)

Then we’ll be in Wales again (Cardiff this time, though the gig remains unconfirmed) to take part in Mindfest (24/11/13)

We’ll be launching a new single at the Buffalo Bar in London on 28/11/13

And then we’re back in London again (7/12/13):


In addition to all this we’re doing Le Pub in Newport on the 18th October, and there are not-quite-confirmed gigs in Cardiff and London in November, which we’ll update you on as soon as they’re inked in.

Meanwhile we have our latest album for sale. You need this:

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or go and check out all the multi-album packages available from Soviet Beret Records.

Not sure whether or not to buy? Check out what’s on it.

Here’s the single:

And here’s a sampler of the whole album:

Still not sure? Check out all the press it’s had.

Remember, if you want access to our constant political and economic commentary, you won’t tend to find it here. We do all our best work on facebook. Go and ‘like’ us over there. And keep an eye out for news of a new single.

See you at the gigs, comrades.

Thee Faction


This Machine Kills Capitalism – Buy Thee Faction’s ‘Good Politics’ – the new album

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“a dose of wildly galvanising, blisteringly angry, insanely entertaining blue collar rock’n’roll….mixing the grungey pub rock power of Dr Feelgood with the bolshy brass of Dexys, virtually every track is scalp-pricklingly good…” (Mojo – 4/5)

“The pseudonymous collective purvey piledriving, brassy RnB and proletarian-rousing politics, and deliver both with unapologetic gusto, at a time when both are needed more than ever….they offer a blood transfusion to the world-weary, painfully over-sophisticated state of 21st century pop.” (Classic Rock 8/10)

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If you are desperately trying to find the soundtrack to the fightback against neo-liberalism, and this Tory-led government. If you are desperate for solution songs, not protest songs. If you’re wondering what happened to noisy soul bands with guitars and horns. If you want a brilliant album for only £7 (incl.P&P), then look no further. Thee Faction’s third studio album – Good Politics: Your Role As An Active Citizen in Civil Society – is out now. If you’re happy with the Mumford-isation of music, then this is not for you. But if you know, deep in your soul, that art is a hammer not a mirror, and if you need music free of ego and rammed full of devastating political analysis delivered with joy, hope and humour, you really need this record.

Like all those TV-advertised compilation albums in the 80s that you didn’t want, Thee Faction’s albums are not available in the shops.* Neither are they available for download. We don’t want intermediaries, and we don’t think you should have our music without the carefully considered and designed packaging that accompanies it. So you can only get it direct from us. Order right now and we’ll dispatch it within a day.

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As well as live favourites ‘Better Than Wages’, ‘It Don’t Work’, ‘Employment’ and ‘Con-Dem-Nation’, the album contains some surprise treats, including ‘What Suzy Digs’, featuring our favourite living author – Francis Wheen (biographer of Karl Marx) – on tremendous lead vocals. Richard Archer out of Hard Fi pops up on vocals as usual, of course, as well as all sorts of other special guests, including the legend that is Keith TOTP. The artwork comes, yet again, courtesy of our favourite cartoonist – the Independent’s Andy Watt.

So you’re getting a beautifully packaged album, full of special guests and socialist hits. For £7. Wherever you live. It’s £7. Including postage. We may even chuck in a badge.

Still not entirely sure? Here’s a trailer for the album to convince you:

Here’s the video to the remix of ‘Better Than Wages’ Andy Lewis (off of out of Paul Weller’s band) did for us:

Want to read the pre-release reviews in full? Here’s the Mojo one:

photo (15)

and here’s the Classic Rock one:

classic rock review

There’ll be more reviews now the record’s out, of course. But get in now. Get your copy. It’s the soundtrack to the class war. It’ll put a smile on your face and hope in your heart. And an analysis on your tongue. A socialist needs nothing else.

So waste no time. Buy it now:

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Come on. Help a DIY band out. You may have given up buying records. Make an exception. Cos this one’s for the Movement. Order now. £7 including P&P. Click through and order.

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*well, bar a couple of ultra-comradely ones run by people we love and trust.

Thee Faction land four star review in Mojo

We don’t know if you take Mojo. If you do, you’ll have noticed our 4 star review in there this month (August 2013 issue). If you don’t, here it is. The reviewer is absolutely right, of course.

Read the review then scroll down the page for details of how to order your own copy. If you want to listen to a song or three, look for the music player over there to the right.
photo (14)

and it continues….

photo (16)

Like the sound of it? Then click Buy Now to pick up your copy for £7 incl P&P. Act now!

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Still not bought? Then here’s a trailer with a snippet of each song:

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Trailer for our new album: Good Politics

Press play, comrade. This is lots of good bits from the album, shoehorned into three and a half minutes.

Like what you hear? Then pre-order the album now. It’s out on July 8th, but order it now, direct from us, and we’ll make sure you get it in good time.  Seven quid, including postage. Be the first to own it.

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…and no, we can’t spell ‘exhilarating’. That’s us ballsing it up, not Comrade Wheen.

Even Better Than Wages – The Pylon King Mix

You know how kids today eschew the pull of RnB, ignoring their Dr Feelgood and Staple Singers records in favour of electronic dance music? Well, Thee Faction still need to reach out to them. They still need to hear our message and share our analysis. So we’ve called upon our old friend the Pylon King to take our current single – Better Than Wages – to bits and rebuilt it as a radical dance classic. He’s done us – and the class – proud. Here it is. Download it for free. And send it to the young people in your lives. Cos the kids dig this stuff.

Of course, you might prefer our more traditional Socialist RnB sound. If so, here’s the video of Andy Lewis’s more orthodox remix of Better Than Wages:

Don’t forget, Better Than Wages is just the opening track of our astonishing new album, due out on July 8th. Expect more news of how to pre-order yours next week.