"Taking down the Tory government, one song at a time" (The Guardian)

30th November – ALL OUT

  When the government decide we can have a day off for the royal wedding they said it wouldn’t damage the economy, even though afterwards they said it did. When … Continue reading

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An everyday story of country folk

Erik Horsebalm explains why the cocktail of bonkers financial instruments known as hedge funds have got to go as a pre-requisite for a decent society.

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Capitalism: it’s wage slavery which means you’re a commodity: purchased and owned through market exchange. Capitalism is inefficient because it elevates a small group who organise for their own benefit. … Continue reading

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We’re winning the War of Position. But we’re handing control of the crises of Capitalism to those who benefit most from a further division between the rich and the poor. … Continue reading

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Around 35,000 demonstrators swamped the streets of Manchester this weekend to make sure the Tories know we’re there. Good work .   Organised by the Trades Union Congress it was … Continue reading

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The Pirates of the Bundelsliga

Professional football has been a Capitalist Valhalla since the formation of the original football league in the 1880s. Workers in England’s industrial North and West Midlands, recently granted Saturday afternoons … Continue reading

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Thirty Days Hath November

One thing we at Thee Faction love about Bullingdon Britain is how clear they’re making it for us. Thatcher appealed to the aspirational in us. The current bunch of thugs know Capitalism is failing and want to keep their status, keep their money. You can see the fear on their faces. They want us to swallow the absurd notion that if we work longer, for less pay, that it’s good for us. They want to take benefits from the young and old, from those with disabilities and from single parents.

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AV or not AV, that is the question? No, it’s NOT the question.

Erik Horsebalm looks at the evidence

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Promo Demotion

Erik Horsebalm guides us through the rules of making a Socialist R&B promo clip.

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Mumford & Sons….

The last word on the Conservative Party’s favourite folksters.

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