Orgreave Justice CD featuring Thee Faction – out now


Thee Faction are honoured to be included in the Orgreave Justice CD produced by Philosophy Football. All profits to the Orgreave Truth and Justice campaign, so please buy as many copies as you can afford.

How’s this for a line up:

Matt Abbott, Attila the Stockbroker, Banner Theatre, Billy Bragg, The Black Lamps, Blaggers ITA, Blossoms, Cambodia, Chris Evans Collective, Chris T-T, Chumbawamba, Steve Drewett, Paul Heaton, The Hurriers, Jethro Platts, Joe Solo, Robb Johnson, Jon Langford, Louise Distras, The Movement, New Model Army, The Oppressed, Grace Petrie, Pitman Poet, Quiet Loner, Sleaford Mods, TV Smith, Terry and Dead, Thee Concerned Citizens, Thee Faction, Tony Walsh, Steve White and the Protest Family and Wilde Sammon.

Get yours, with or without a T-shirt, here.


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