Socialist RnB Chart


Comrades, the days are drawing short; the dark Tory mornings are closing in, and the capitalist clock has gone back, and this can mean only one thing. That’s right, it’s time for the seasonal catch-up with the Socialist RnB chart.

The good news is that Thee Faction’s plaudit-laden current album is straight in a number 3! Thanks to all of you for your support (and see the link below if you haven’t yet got around to ordering your copy.)

Unfortunately, in what’s becoming a bit of a pattern, timing is against us and not one but TWO Socialist RnB classics have charted higher: reissues of TV Smith’s 80s band Cheap, and Tom Robinson’s 70s band.. the Tom Robinson Band.

It’s not a competition. In fact we welcome the opportunity this gives us for reflection and self-criticism. We will redouble our efforts, hone our analysis and return next year a better Thee Faction, with a greater fifth album.

And at least we beat the Billy Bragg re-issue. Perhaps the Bard of Bridport will now rue overlooking Thee Faction for Glastonbury’s Left Field Stage FOUR years running? As Marx once said*: what goes around, comes around.

In other news, an expected and deserved place in the top 5 to indiepop revolutionaries Colour Me Wednesday, for their debut album on Discount Horse records. Just below them, new entries from Grace Petrie, with her new band, and from Robb Johnson and Steve White, without their bands. Don’t be putting ideas in Billy Brentford’s head now.

Eagle-eyed chartologists may notice that last year’s Paddy Nash album is down as a new entry. Let’s just say that getting chart returns from Socialist RnB outlets can mean playing the long game. Onward!

Thee Faction’s highest charting albums ‘Good Politics’ and ‘Singing Down The Government’ can be bought as a single package HERE for only £10



*“Eighteenth Brumaire”(probably)


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