What are Thee Faction up to?

Time to update you on our movements, comrades.

First up is our appearance at the Walthamstow Festival, London, E17 (6/9/13):

Thee Faction stow

Then we’re off to Bethnal Green (18/9/13):


Then we’ll be in Barnsley (5/10/13):


We’re playing Le Pub in Newport (18/10/13)

Then we’ll be in Wales again (Cardiff this time, though the gig remains unconfirmed) to take part in Mindfest (24/11/13)

We’ll be launching a new single at the Buffalo Bar in London on 28/11/13

And then we’re back in London again (7/12/13):


In addition to all this we’re doing Le Pub in Newport on the 18th October, and there are not-quite-confirmed gigs in Cardiff and London in November, which we’ll update you on as soon as they’re inked in.

Meanwhile we have our latest album for sale. You need this:

btn_buynowcc_lg (1)



btn_buynowcc_lg (1)

or go and check out all the multi-album packages available from Soviet Beret Records.

Not sure whether or not to buy? Check out what’s on it.

Here’s the single:

And here’s a sampler of the whole album:

Still not sure? Check out all the press it’s had.

Remember, if you want access to our constant political and economic commentary, you won’t tend to find it here. We do all our best work on facebook. Go and ‘like’ us over there. And keep an eye out for news of a new single.

See you at the gigs, comrades.

Thee Faction



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