Thee Faction land four star review in Mojo

We don’t know if you take Mojo. If you do, you’ll have noticed our 4 star review in there this month (August 2013 issue). If you don’t, here it is. The reviewer is absolutely right, of course.

Read the review then scroll down the page for details of how to order your own copy. If you want to listen to a song or three, look for the music player over there to the right.
photo (14)

and it continues….

photo (16)

Like the sound of it? Then click Buy Now to pick up your copy for £7 incl P&P. Act now!

btn_buynowcc_lg (1)



Still not bought? Then here’s a trailer with a snippet of each song:

btn_buynowcc_lg (1)


One comment

  1. Hi guys,
    Haven’t seen the latest Mojo yet, but I’ve played songs from Up the Workers! several times in the Free Speech section of my programma on Radio 68 (!) . I now also write a blog on this particular part of the show for a left (of course) digital newspaper De Wereld Morgen (that’s in Flemish/Dutch) and you’re on the programme (again) and in the blog this summer. I’ll publish these blogs on my own web pages later on (this has a continuous character). One line of my blog text reads “The marriage between Marx and rock has always been a difficult one, but…” . Join me on facebook if you feel like it! Congratulations, you make wonderful music and write great lyrics. Rare! Eddy Bonte, Belgium


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