Thatcher dies. Thee Faction launch new video.

A rabid class warrior has died. The struggle continues. We don’t take moral exception to the celebrations. We just note that her death will do little, if anything, to loosen up the grip of bourgeois hegemony. In fact, if the hagiographical tributes the TV news is showing us are anything to go by, it’s a splendid opportunity for the ruling class to reinstall her as the postergirl of British capitalism. Which is very disappointing. So we need to redouble our efforts.


Tonight, though, we do celebrate everyone who stood up to her. Those who refused to believe the lies about apartheid, the lies about trades’ unions, the lies about ‘freedom’, the lies about selling off our industry and our housing stock. Those who told her she was wrong in her careful imbalancing of the tax system – whether income or community. We also honour her victims: those who didn’t make it, and those who weren’t strong enough for the new robust liberal individualism she forced on us all. Many of us retreated into traditional ties of solidarity, but any project designed to atomize society is going to leave a lot of people isolated. That’s the point, of course. United we stand, and they knew that.


We could knock out a lengthy article, rebutting the TV’s claims, for example, that she had ‘phenomenal moral courage’. But we have long asserted our commitment to solution songs, rather than protest songs. So instead of pointing out the evils of Thatcher as everyone else will be doing we, via Artrocker TV,  have premiered our new video for Better Than Wages. It’s a song that takes the end of the wages system as a given, and celebrates the joys to be had in prioritising other, more joyous things. Listen hard. The album version – Track One on Good Politics: Your Role As An Active Citizen In Civil Society – is heavier on the guitar and has the odd lyrical difference. This version, a remix from our very good friend and ultra-solid comrade Andy Lewis, is heavier on the horns and keys, and sounds fantastic. A radio hit, we hope. Watch the video right through. The gags come later on.

The point is that the struggle has got to continue. A night on the pop to celebrate Thatcher’s demise is probably well-earned, we s’pose, if you’ve spent decades fighting the ruling class. But for us it changes nothing. So the best way we can mark the death of this class warrior is to remind ourselves that we didn’t start this class war. But we’re going to end it. This video is a cheap, simple, light-hearted way of reminding everyone that there is better to come. Retain hope. Seek joy. Stay positive. Fight on.

Do share this with everyone you know. There’s no point in restricting this stuff to a small audience. Thee Faction are worthless as a well kept secret shared by the socialist cognoscenti. Get the word out.

Thatcher’s gone. But not forgotten. Let’s focus on what we’re fighting for.




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