Your record collection isn’t quite good enough. Thee Faction can help.


So you reach for some music. You run your finger along shelf after shelf of discs, each spine registering with a dull thud in your soul that tells you that this record falls some way short of what you’re looking for. But you can’t quite articulate what you are looking for. You want a record that feels like the first time you heard punk rock, that delivers the adrenalin boost you had when Dr Feelgood first came on your radio, that gives you the goose bumps that Smokey or the Staple Singers laid on you in the opening 16 bars of anything they ever did. But you don’t want it to speak of vague existential dissatisfaction, or slight frustration of some kind with a romantic liaison. You don’t want it to be angry in an abstract way, or soppy in a specific way. You want it to put the words in the mouth of Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’. You want it to articulate the pain of liberal capitalism and the joy and hope of the possibilities of socialism. You want it to do this while employing a consistent analysis, and offering a realistic alternative. You want there to be a degree of protest in the song, but a preponderance of solution. You want it to have big drums, swirling organ, driving bass,  heavy rock’n’roll guitars, a real horn section, and an angry singer.

You want Socialist RnB.

Trouble is, as you run your index finger along all those spines, you can find some of these component parts in most of your record collection. Of course you can: your record collection is tremendous. But what you can’t find is a record that delivers all of this in one go.

That’s what we can offer. Three albums which do exactly that. And you can have them all for £15 (or £7 each).

Fact is, we’re a DIY band with a  brand new  album recorded and ready to release. We need to sell lots of the old ones to get the new one out. The old ones are fantastic. They are exactly as described above. You’ll love ‘em. So buy them.

But don’t buy them for us. Buy them because you recognise the scenario above. If you do, we’re what you need.


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