Victory at Stalingrad – The Movie


On 2nd February 2013 Thee Faction took part in a fantastic night, organised by the comrades at Philosophy Football, to celebrate the 70th anniversay of the Red Army smashing the Nazis at Stalingrad. It was one of the best thought-out and planned events we’ve ever been a part of. There were speakers (historian Geoffrey Roberts, Seamus Milne, Clare Solomon, Susan Richards), bands (Thee Faction and the Trans-Siberian March Band),  and a disco (with our own Billy Brentford spinning some floor-filling proletarian sexy club funk), all held together with rabble-rousing polemic from Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman. It was sold-out, yet the move from seated lecture hall to vibrant dance hall was executed super-smoothly, and the whole event was a wonderful example of why socialism is always going to be more efficient than capitalism. Thee Faction had a tremendous time, and the comrades on the merch stall managed to sell record breaking quantities of our records, despite stiff competition from the Great Patriotic War memorial plates.

The whole thing is available as a movie (above). It’ll take up a quarter of an hour of your time to watch, but it gives a real flavour of how special this event was. We pop up in the middle doing ‘366’ and at the end stumbling through the harmonies on ‘Marx, My Main Man’. Watch, enjoy, and make sure you go to these comrades next event. Us? We’ve got our fingers crossed for an invite to perform at whatever they do in 2017. That’s a pretty big anniversarsary….

Oh, the comrades at Philosophy Football made some superb shirts to commemorate Stalingrad. Pop across and have a look. Buy them for all your family.




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