Thee Faction Return to Southend



Last year we went and played Southend. Three things happened.

1. We discovered the best night out in Britain. Podrophenia’s bashes at the Railway in Southend are phenomenal. Mondo and Piley’s record collections rank amongst the best in the UK, and they bring the choicest cuts down to play. The crowd is the most mixed crowd you could imagine. After the revolution we picture a world without cliques and tiresome fetishistic sub-genres. We imagine nights out full of people from 18 to 80, unconcerned by clothes or hair, but deeply concerned with comradeship, dancing and having a great time. That is, quite literally, what the Podrophenia bash is like. And, astonishingly, it’s free.

2. We discovered Eight Rounds Rapid. Playing on their home turf. Menacing and hard hitting. RnB meets intelligent punk. They are extraordinarily good. Just extraordinarily good. We since had them down to London to play the Buffalo Bar at Xmas. They blew everyone away.

3. We had fish’n’chips on the seafront. And it was righteous. Well, the two vegetarians had vegeburgers and chips. But the rest of us had fish. And it was righteous.

You know what’s happening on Friday 1st February? We will be re-acquainting ourselves with all these three things!!!! The Guild is ridiculously excited. As should you be. It’s an hour from London on the train. Come and join us. The best night out in Britain, including two of the best bands in Britain, and you get to eat fish’n’chips on the seafront.

Free entry. Did we mention that?


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