Birthdays are Bourgeois…

hammer and sickle cake

….whatever Kassandra Krossing says. But there are various things you can do to negate their liberal individualism. One of which is to democratise the birthday. Make it the People’s birthday. Use it to mark the struggle. Yup, that’ll do it. All things contain within themselves internal contradictions, and all that.

So this Saturday (12/1/13)  Baby Face turns 40 (or 30 or 50). And he is throwing the doors, and the stage, of the Half Moon in Putney open to you all for a celebration of the struggle and your part within it. Or something. Get there for 8pm. It’s a party, so there’s no entry charge. Which means you need to do your bit by making sure no one near you is without a drink and by being comradely and respectful to everyone who’s brave enough to take the stage to sing a song. Looks like plenty will. Then, later in the evening, one of Baby Face’s very most favourite bands will be playing – Steve White & The Protest Family. And then Thee Faction are going to play. There’ll be new songs and stuff.

It’s going to be a brilliant night. So do come. You’ll be very very welcome. The more of you that come, the less bourgeois the birthday. That’s how this particular dialectic works. So you owe it to the Movement to come down.


NB The Milk Monitors bit ain’t happening…we tried, but it wasn’t to be….



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