Socialist Santa Knows What Your Friends, Family & Comrades Need

We are sitting here at Thee Faction HQ with a pile of jiffy bags, badges, records and CDs, just waiting for those last minute seasonal orders to come in. It is the simplest possible way of getting your Christmas presents in. Order right now, and we’ll post them straight away. Think about how many people in your life:

1. Would love Thee Faction

2. Need to hear Thee Faction

3. Would be so affronted by Thee Faction that it’s worth seven quid just to see the look on their face

Your socialist friends need a soundtrack. Your liberal friends need their minds changing. Your conservative friends need a kick up the arse. Thee Faction records are the gift that keeps on giving, in all three of these departments. Order a big bundle of them now, and distribute them amongst everyone you know.

It’s worth remembering that we have the next record written and rehearsed. We’re booked in to record it mid-January. But we can’t get it properly recorded and mixed and pressed until we have sold a lot more of Singing Down The Government.

The deals are still on:

£7 gets you Singing Down The Government

Singing Down cover

£10 gets you Singing Down The Government and Up The Workers:

two albums

£15 gets you At Ebbw Vale (on vinyl and CD), Up The Workers and Singing Down The Government:

three albums

Of course, you can still buy Up The Workers or At Ebbw Vale on their own too.

Order right now, comrades. Much depends on it. Not 100% convinced? Catch up on what the media has been saying about us.


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