Communist University of Wales – Thee Faction play Pontypridd 8/12/12

Yup, we know: this old picture doesn’t reflect our current line-up (including, as it does, Horace Hardman and leaving out, as it does, Thee Citizen and Brass Kapital). But people keep choosing to use it. We must speak to Comrade ‘Cils and get a new one done.

Anyway, the point is that, after our triumphant gig in Newport in November we’ve decided to go back to South Wales and finish what we started. This time we’re the guests of the Welsh Communists, who are running their Communist University of Wales on the weekend of the 7-9 December. We’re playing at the social on the Saturday night. It’s at Clwb y Bont in Pontypridd. We can’t wait. We love these gigs where we’re the guests of a political gang of one kind or another. The Communists, of course have been known to be very insulting about “dilletante and statistician” GDH Cole. But not to worry. We’re sure they’re very sorry. We’re going to have a ball, and we are sure they will too.

The gig is open to the general public, of course. So come and watch us sing and play. No doubt there’ll be other bits of entertainment too. Check the programme for details.

See you in Pontypridd, comrades. It’s going to be epic.

Here’s some samizdat footage of us in action last time we played in Wales…on the 16th November at Le Pub in Newport:


One comment

  1. Just to make a quick point of something, the CPB are the ones who run the Communist University of Wales. We’re not sorry for something we didn’t say – you linked to a different political party.

    On a more positive note, have a good time and party for freedom and all.


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