Socialist R’n’B – Top 20

Hot off the press, let’s take an exclusive look at this month’s Socialist R’n’B Album Chart. Shockingly neglected by NME and Mojo, you may not have seen the Socialist R’n’B Top 20 featured regularly since the sad demise of Sounds in 1991.

The good news is, Thee Faction’s new album Singing Down The Government (or The War Of Position And How We’re Winning It) is straight in at #2. The bad news: we’ve been pipped at the post by a bloody reissue from The Jam. Now, fair enough, The Gift is a classic of the Socialist R’n’B genre, but does Weller need any more of your money? Probably not. Whereas we, on the other hand, do. (See

The other good news, as you’ll notice, is that the critical success of our latest album has propelled our first two albums back into the Top 20. Both ‘Up The Workers’ and ‘At Ebbw Vale’ are still available from Meanwhile we’re joined in the Top 10 by socialist stalwarts Steve White, Robb Johnson, Attila The Stockbroker, Grace Petrie, The Great Leap Forward and deeply conscious hip hop  from Sun Rise Above, alongside the brand new album from The Coup.

At this point we should stress that this is very much not what we mean by ‘the war of position’, and competition is, as you might’ve predicted, bourgeois.

In case you’ve lost your copy of any of the above we strongly urge you to seek them out online or by any means necessary, and if you’re still wondering where to get your copy of Singing Down The Government, may we please direct you one final time to 


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