Your Duties This Week

1. March. On Saturday. Don’t let other people march for you. March with other people. Drag everyone you know to London. And march. Here’s why:

And here’s where:


2. Come and see us launch our new album. Our irregular club night, the DDRofRnB, is hosting the launch. We have the huge honour of playing with Attila the Stockbroker. Not just ‘with’ as in ‘on the same bill’. But ‘with’ as in ‘we’re going to be his backing band on a couple of songs’. We couldn’t be more excited. Our comrades Shocks of Mighty are playing as well, kicking the evening off with some blistering punk rock. Please don’t miss this.

click on image to order tickets


3. Get a copy of the album. Singing Down The Government, or, The War of Position and How We’re Winning It is already being hotly tipped as this year’s finest Socialist RnB release. We’ll be selling them at the launch, of course. But if you can’t make it, order your copy now.

click on image to order the album


Don’t forget we also do two-album and three-album packages. Head over to Soviet Beret Records to browse the shop.

4. Download our free single – for one week only – celebrating the successes of the organised working class. It’s called ‘What The Movement’s Done For You’, and we’ve made it available for free as a soundtrack to Saturday’s march. We’ll take it down again at 23.59 Reigate time on Sunday, so click now to avoid disappointment. If you’ve already got it, send the link to your friends. Let’s get everyone singing it.

click on image to download track


But of all the above, the key thing is to go on the march. Stick two fingers up at the Tories, and the forces of capital. The more of us turn up, the clearer the message is.


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