What you’re doing when you’re not working

Right, comrades. This is what you’re doing when not working this week – and beyond. Much of it is covered in this cartoon, which reminds you to go to Birkfest on the 28th October. It’s an important community event in E11, cos the Birkbeck pub is under threat and needs rescuing. Probably from property developers or similar. We’re not playing Birkfest. But our very good friends and comrades Steve White and the Protest Family will be playing it. We don’t need to explain this, mind. The cartoon explains it brilliantly. Watch and learn.

The cartoon, which you will have watched by now, also explains why you should come to this:

click on image for tickets

However, the most important imminent event is this:

and to celebrate it, we’re offering a free download of What The Movement’s Done For You. Download it, and then tell all your friends to download it. It’s up for this week only.

click on image to download track

See you on Thursday. Then on Saturday.


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