The comrades at God Is On The TV spread the word

You know how we keep exhorting you all to help spread the word? Well some really are doing their bit. Make sure you do yours. Get sharing.


The brilliant online ‘zine God is on the TV have put the Soapbox video up, and a link to the free download. Have we mentioned the free download? Get it here:


You, and your friends and enemies, have ’til 23.59 Reigate time this Sunday (16/10) to get this downloaded. So spread the link around. After that you’ve got to buy the album. Which you should do anyway. It’s going to change the world.


Keep listening to Amazing Radio’s Ruth Barnes Breakfast Show all week, too. She’s playing Soapbox every day, and at some point Billy Brentford will be live in session. We’re told he’ll be doing The Sausage Machine. Watch out Mumford & Sons.


Some of us saw Mumford & Sons on the telly last year, playing at a festival of some sort. A miserable experience for all concerned, not least, presumably, the rows of future management consultants and investment banks populating the front of the show. This looks much more fun:


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