Comrade Keen has given us an exclusive interview, where KK outlines each of the new tracks on our new album – Singing Down the Government. “Featuring the best Political Pop since ‘Walls Came Tumbling Down’. YOU MUST GET THIS RECORD.”


Singing Down the Government (or, The War of Position and How We’re Winning it) by Thee Faction  is a 12 point plan to destroy capitalism: the new album consists of 12 songs; 12 tracks of vital polemic. Kassandra Krossing explains how it goes, and which lines you’ll be singing when the great day comes

1. Let’s Have a Meetin’

The comrades at Union News liked this song so much they made us a video for it. Here it is… Meeting

The revolution isn’t going to organise itself, but sitting there ranting on Facebook is no way to bring about change. In this opening track, we explain how you need to get the guild together, make an agenda, sit down, and make a plan.

Don’t sit at work with the face of Buster Keaton – I’ll arrange the seating – babe, let’s have a meetin’

 2. Soapbox

Currently single of the…

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