Thee Faction: stars of analogue photography

Our dear friend from the CPNZ, Stephen Dowling, is a keen lover of olde worlde cameras and film stock. Having studied Pennie Smith’s gear & technique when she smudged The Clash in the 70s, Stephen came down with his Pentax ESII and smudged us at the DDR of R’n’B, our club in Putney. See his pictures here from Lomography Magazine, the portal for lovers of this kind of thing. They’re great shots.


Come to the next DDRofRnB. It’s on the 18th October at the Half Moon in Putney. Tickets £8 in advance. It’s an extra-special night because it will be everyone’s last chance to let our hair down before the TUC March on the 20th October. Less importantly, it’s also the launch party for our new record: Singing Down The Government, or, The War Of Position And How We’re Winning It. You might not have to wait til then for your copy, mind. Pre-order now and we’ll get it to you as soon as we can.


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