Let’s Have A Meeting: new Thee Faction video courtesy of Union News



Where do you go for your news every morning? Corporate-owned media? Wrong. Trust-owned media? Maybe better. The BBC? Much better.  But the BBC is everyone’s. It’s not ours.


Fact is, we’re fighting a war of position, and that involves making sure that all the institutions of civil society are ours. And that includes where we get our news.


That’s why Thee Faction look to Union News every day, before they go anywhere else. It’s a media channel of the class, for the class, about the class war. In all its forms: economic, cultural and political. It’s brilliantly presented, has fantastic access, and is consistently right (that is to say, left).


The comrades – Pete and Tim – at Union News have made a video for Let’s Have a Meeting, the opening song on Thee Faction’s new album Singing Down The Government, or, The War Of Position And How We’re Winning It. It’s a brilliant video, in that it shows a lot of the Movement fighting back, and very little of us showing off on stage. That is to say, it’s a non-bourgeois pop video. It’s the thing you’ve just watched, above. 18 months ago we outlined the rules of the non-bourgeois pop video. We’ve obeyed all of them bar two. There are cars in here.  But they are driven by people being approached by pickets. That is to say, no one is escaping. People are fconfronting. So we’re OK, we think. .The other is cameo appearances. This video features a handful of ‘celebrities of the left’. But they’re doing what they – Owen Jones,Bob Crow, Mark Serwotka and others – should be doing. They aren’t walking on in a funny hat to draw attention to the band. So we think we’re OK on that too.


If you like what you hear, there are 11 more slices of Socialist RnB along very similar lines on the album, and a load of polemic detailing how to destroy capitalism. Get it for £7, or, if you haven’t got our previous album Up The  Workers, get them both for a tenner. Including postage.



Oh, and if you want to come and catch us live, head to the seaside and come to this:



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