Festivals are bourgeois. Except Tolpuddle.

This weekend we will be playing at the entirely non-bourgeois Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival. We’re headlining the Martyrs’ Marquee on Saturday 14th July.

If you’re not already booked to go, then get yourself booked in. It’s going to be a fantastic weekend of politics, a celebration of the movement, and there’ll be some music too. Which is an order of priorities we subscribe to wholeheartedly. It’ll be super-comradely, and concerned with all the right things. And it will be fun.

We’re playing a very long set (by our standards) on Saturday night. Come and watch it. You’ll be singing and dancing a lot, in order to give us a bit of a rest. We’re not as young as we were. Participation will be the name of the game.

Really can’t wait. See you down there. Get there on Friday to see our comrades from Steve White and the Protest Family, and on Sunday for Grace Petrie. And go and buy lots of books (and our records) from the Bookmarks stall.

Check out the full programme. Bring wellies.


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