Marxism! New Songs! Laetitia Sadier! 9th July! Fiver! Scala!



  1. I’m trying to work out whether there are any ideas that could change the world anymore.

    In the meantime, can you tell me whether rehashing ’80s hardcore has any relevance?

    Confused of somewhere.


    1. Ideas don’t change the world, comrade. Though that’s an argument you should probably have with our hosts for the event, the SWP. They may have let their grasp of historical materialism slip for the briefest of moments or they may be offering a more sophisticated understanding of it, whereby *in the last analysis* change is to be understood in an entirely materialist sense, but it would be daft to imagine no less fundamental change could not come from ideas. But we don’t know. We’re speculating. The ‘anymore’ sounds rather resigned. Pessimism of the intellect, comrade, but optimism of the will, as Gramsci taught us.

      Not sure what you mean about ‘rehashing 80s hardcore’. Relevance to what? And who’s doing so? We are, I think, no less confused than you on this one. Help us out.


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