Thee Faction will be holding their collective nose and voting for Ken Livingstone for London Mayor this week. The Election for London’s Mayor is quite a telegenic, glamorous one, but has a surprisingly low turnout – as local Elections do. It’ll be about a third of the electorate. The ruling class engineers apathy to allow it to continue its agenda. Nothing changes, however much showbiz you inject into it.

The current Mayor, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, is a fascinating character, a massive arsehole who has become popular simply  by appearing self-effacing on the telly. You must agitate among your friends and family. This bastard and his ilk are dangerous.

Here’s the facts:

Boris looks after his own. The clue is in the name of the party he represents. He’s there for the banks, for the super-rich, to protect the interests of the ruling class. He described the £250K he gets for one of his gigs, his daily Telegraph op ed column, as “chickenfeed”. Millionaires are the only ones that can afford to become powerful. Tube and bus fares have gone up to help the assembly’s abacus, hitting the poor in the pocket and making London less efficient.

Both Cameron and Johnson are proper aristocrats, related to the Royal Family, Eton educated, Bullingdon Club toffs. This is why they resent and are suspicious of the working class, or of anyone who’s not their class. Boris is the poster-boy-in-Chief of anti-union laws. Remember, he came to power promising to ‘negotiate’ a no-strike agreement with the unions representing TfL workers. Luckily the movement is too strong for that bullshit.

Remember what he said about the reporting of the Macpherson report into the death of Stephen Lawrence? He said it was “hysteria”.

In 2000 he said there should be laws against what he called “homosexual instruction”.

Johnson said in a press conference that the Guardian’s pursuit of evidence in the phone hacking scandal was “a load of codswallop”.

A defeat for this toss-rag in London will be a major embarrassment for Cameron. Let’s add to their crisis. The Daily Mail said this week that  “A Johnson win would steady the Conservatives after a month of calamitous collywobbles”. Don’t let that happen. Pile the misery on, London.

Unfortunately, voting for Livingstone is the only reasonable way of getting rid of Johnson. Livingstone’s problematic – we all know that. Are they as bad as each other? As individuals, who knows? The pair of them are pretty grim. But the parties they are standing for are absolutely not as bad as each other, and it would be puerile and daft to argue otherwise. Everyone who voted  Lib Dem in the last general election got busy telling Labour voters that they were doing the real left wing thing, and that politics had changed. How many of them now make those noises, or shout about the new politics and the progressive nature of Clegg’s mob? Labour is the party you vote for to represent our interests. Cos however weak that representation may be, you really feel it when it isn’t there. Like now.

This is the moment to claim a high profile Tory scalp. To take Britain’s capital city off the party of the ruling class and deliver it to Labour. To give the party that emerged from the labour movement a whole city to govern, as a shadow operation to the abysmal job the nasty party are doing with the country as a whole.

Realistically, you’re not going to vote for Johnson. You know that. Voting for any other candidate than Livingstone is a waste of a vote, and will return Johnson to the job. And we can’t have that. The man’s calculated imbecility and buffoonery surely fools no one: he’s just Roderick Spode with a  sense of humour. He cannot get another term.

So hold your nose and vote Livingstone. And once he’s in, let him get away with nothing. Hold him to account on everything. Absolutely everything.

Vote Labour. Smash the Tories. Let this be step one of their destruction.

Boris Johnson: Roderick Spode with a sense of humour


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