We in the guild are, essentially Economists. We believe that Socialism will be more efficient than capitalism. It’s too easy to whinge, to criticise the greed of capital, to grab hold of emotions, to talk of unfeeling greed, to defend the weak: it’s all been done, especially in the format of rock ‘n’ roll.

We can’t believe that anyone reading this blog needs their mind changing. We give them the tools to argue the case for Socialism. We believe that people are, generally, compassionate.

The Welfare Reform Bill has suffered a series of defeats in the Lords over the past two months, including over the proposed £26,000-a-year cap on benefits and limits to payments for cancer patients.

Ministers said the defeats would cost the Treasury too much so applied for the Bill to be considered for financial privilege. This means that the will of the Commons must prevail and peers will be denied the chance of another vote when the Bill returns to the Lords.

The move angered peers, who accused the Government of wasting money and their time, and the Labour Party, which said it would consult lawyers over the legality of the Government’s tactics.

So then, this has been a clear message sent to YOU by the British government yesterday. As predicted, the ‘deficit’ is being used by an excuse to kick us all right in the goolies. The message: that disabled children who aren’t the most disabled of all will have their support cut to ‘justify’ increasing the support to the most severely disabled children by less than £2 a week. The message: that newly disabled or seriously ill adults living alone will lose the money previously deemed vital to pay someone to provide care. The message: that children with serious illnesses and disabilities will have their entitlement to National Insurance contributions removed.

This is a message about the value of life. A message that people with serious illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, early onset Alzheimers or cancer will, after 12 months, no longer be entitled to the financial support they spent their working lives paying National Insurance for if their partner earns more than £7500 per year.

Previous governments agreed with the British people that it was inhuman to demonise the sick or disabled to carefully, deliberately, knowingly, drip feeding a complicit media into a propoganda exercise stunning in its success, to label these very same people as unworthy of empathy, compassion or support. The Con-Libs rebranding exercise helped ensure the public believed the empty promises of ‘always supporting the most vulnerable’ because, after all, as the media always tells us, these people are mostly faking fraudsters.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT MONEY. It’s simply a clear, transparent message from both the Conservative and Liberal parties that the weakest, the frailest, the most vulnerable are no longer worthy of collective support, and you, the British public AGREE.




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