Introducing: Thee Faction’s New Line Up


We’ve been hinting at it for a while now. But here’s the first photographic evidence of the new line-up.

The first question you’ll have, comrade, is “Where in the name of Engels’ dancing arse is Horace Hardman?”. The answer is, we’re afraid, “abroad”. We are international socialists, as you know. We think locally, but act globally, and Horace Hardman has been summoned to the other side of the world to further the struggle. It’s not the first time we’ve been separated, of course. But it’s the first time we’ve continued to perform as Thee Faction without one of the founder members. It’s a painful business. But, as we’ve always said, to get sentimental about individual members is just bourgeois liberal individualism. So we’re not going to. Besides, no one leaves the Guild, unless politics tears us apart.  Horace Hardman is just not playing with us these days, cos he’s on the other side of the world. We miss him, but the struggle continues.


But it’s not just Horace’s absence you’re noticing. Thee Faction are a nine-piece. Of course, our full title these days is: Thee Faction, permanently featuring Brass Kapital. We are two bands, who have become one. Brass Kapital, our all-woman horn section, are now fully merged with Thee Faction, under one name. And under one fist.


Let’s introduce you to the line-up in full. We’ll go for reverse alphabetical order, to show no favour :

Red Scare

Here’s Red Scare. She plays trumpet. It was Red Scare who negotiated the merger of Thee Faction and Brass Kapital. She has the negotiating skills of Bob Crow. Tovarisch Trumpet is the glue which holds the two bands under the one fist.


This is Nylons. Nylons rocks. There has always been a NWOBHM element to Thee Faction. It’s called Nylons.

Nineteen Nineteen

Nineteen Nineteen. Blows the ‘bone. And fights for freedom. She has an analysis.

Kassandra Krossing

Kassandra Krossing. Vocals and keyboards. Led the Thee Faction delegation at the Brass Kapital/Thee Faction merger negotiations. If Red Scare is Bob Crow, Kassandra Krossing is Mark Serwotka. But less Welsh. And more socialist. With a better voice.

The G.A.

The G.A.: Socialism will be efficient. In a capitalist society The G.A.’s skills would be described as ‘entrepreneurial’. Under socialism they’ll be described as ‘the source of progress’. We value the latter. But not as much as we value the unsettlingly socialist sax The G.A. blows.

Dai Nasty

Dai Nasty. Dai Nasty is a machine. Drummer and sociologist. The conscience of the group, and the moral bedrock upon which we are built.

Citizen Smith

Citizen Smith. Plays bass. Provides the bridge between the classical Marxism of Brentford and Baby Face and the contemporary world. Keeps the Guild focused on what matters in the here and now. Activist, theorist and repository of knowledge. The word Praxis could have been invented for The Citizen.

Billy Brentford

Billy Brentford. Singer. Performer. Dancer. Wordsmith. When Lenin led the revolution in Russia there’s no way he did it without a love of 1970s disco and the wardrobe of Lee Brilleaux. Billy knows this truth, and lives by the rules which naturally follow it.

Baby Face

Baby Face. Recruited for his good looks and encyclopaedic knowledge of Western Marxism. Plays guitar a bit, and rants a lot. When people shout ‘more music, less talking’, they’re shouting it at him. They’re wrong.

That’s the new line-up. Nine revolutionary socialists. Imbued with a vision of a better tomorrow.

You’ll be anxious to see the full nine-piece line-up in action, presumably. Then get yourselves down to the DDRofRnB at the Half Moon, Putney on 16th February. Order tickets in advance and they are much, much cheaper. 7 quid. See you there.

Photos by Comrade Boot. He’s brilliant. Book him for whatever photo shoot you need. The non-bourgeois photographer. 100% approved by Thee Faction.




  1. A monumental day comrades – all the pieces are swirling into place. On the subject of horn power – let me quote from ‘rade Keef (Dagenham Congress)

    ‘You can build a wall to stop people, but eventually, the music, it’ll cross that wall. That’s the beautiful thing about music – there’s no defense against it.

    I mean look at Joshua and fuckin’ Jericho – made mincemeat of that joint. A few trumpets, you know?’


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