Are you ready for the revolution?


Capitalism isn’t going to last much longer. Everyone is questioning it. Now is the time to prepare yourself for what comes next. It is time to ask yourself the question: are you ready for the revolution?

We’ve been working with one of our favourite film makers on this video to Ready? and it has just been completed. Perrine Nouvier makes all kinds of films including, in 2010, two documentaries, one about the children of the workers of the Tanvez factory (Brittany) and one about the workers in the port of Saint-Brieuc. She’s married to a Welshman, she’s full of socialist zeal, and she just makes fantastic films. She wanted to make one for Thee Faction, and we leapt at the chance.

We really hope you like the result. Share it with the world. Seriously, everyone needs to see this. It’s time to prepare ourselves. Are you ready for the revolution?


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