Friday Dec 2nd Thee Faction at Blow Up


Our final gig of the year will take place on December 2nd, at Blow Up.  It’s going to be very very special. Not least cos our all-woman horn section – Brass Kapital – will be back in action. if you were at the last DDRofRnB you’ll have seen them blow the roof off the place.  Anyway, they’ll be back with us again, having missed the Core Arts gig owing to prior political engagements.


Don’t forget, this show will be just hours after the end of November 30th – the most vital day the struggle has witnessed for many years. You’ll all have spent the day on picket lines, or agitating generally. So treat this gig as a celebration. Let’s hope there’s plenty to celebrate. Can we suggest that you post this video of Angry we’ve made specially for #N30 on your facebook or twitter feed, and send it to all your comrades? Spread the word, comrades. Nov 30 does not need to be a dour affair. Socialism ain’t sour, brothers and sisters. Let’s make a cracking day of it. It’s a battle. But it’s also a  celebration. A celebration of our combined strength. What the bourgeois management consultants call synergy. They won’t like us when we’re angry. Let’s show them that:

See you on the 2nd at Ginglik in Shepherd’s Bush, comrades. It’s going to be very special.


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