Capitalism: it’s wage slavery which means you’re a commodity: purchased and owned through market exchange. Capitalism is inefficient because it elevates a small group who organise for their own benefit.

What about Guilds organising each of the essential functions in society?

Representative bodies which are fully accountable to you.
This means no more lazing around for you, however. You’ve been conditioned.
We’re passive; babies who throw our toys out of the pram if our Internet’s too slow. Imagine what would happen if the cash-points ran out of money. We’d freak out.

You’ll become much more active – we must re-achieve the ability and the drive to demand. Easy to turn on ‘Mock The Week’ and giggle at Eric Pickles. Hee hee, look at him, he’s so fat. What you’re doing there is delegating political power someone you’re pointing to and laughing at. That’s a bit rubbish.

Think of it as lots of employee take-overs. Industrial Guilds would undertake activities in the general interests of the industry. Unions can only put the brakes on, so are easy for the Capitalist press to attack as obstructive. Let’s take the steering wheel.

It would be great if Guilds and political bodies converged at a local, regional and national level with each providing representatives to oversee key community decisions. A quick chat and it’s all organised.
We’re all for fun. Hard work. Innovation. Don’t be scared, it’s not that different. There’ll still be cricket, television, take-away food. This is a very British Socialism we’re suggesting.
Socialism has never been tried here. This is the sort of advanced f*cked up society Marx was talking about.
Hoo hoo, Cameron’s got you exactly where he wants you, you sap. You’re scared of losing your job, house, pension: so you’re going to be a good citizen and look the other way. LISTEN UP! The economic situation is going to get a lot worse for you if you don’t take action now against the government’s cuts programme.
This is the perfect opportunity for us to politely clear our throats and say “well, time to go after these buffoons who’ve been trained to protect their class”.
The Tories didn’t get into this gig to make things better; they did it to protect their interests. But, as stated before hereon, they’re a bunch of amateurs. The country is being driven by those without a licence. They didn’t even win the election, for Cliff’s sake.
The Tories want to knacker the NHS and the welfare state, so the UK can move towards a US model where ordinary people have to take out loans and insurance to cover their basic needs, so their class pay less tax. The greed in our society is lodged very firmly at the top: directors of the FTSE 100 top companies have seen their pay leap by 49% since last year, according to the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, meanwhile 600,000 public sector jobs will go by 2016. 100,000 posts were lost in April, May and June of this year alone. The unemployment rate for young people is already at 23%; its highest level for nearly two decades.
Last time we got The Specials. This time we got Mumford & Sons.

“So what can I do?”, I hear you bleat?

Join the resistance. You don’t hear about this on the telly. Here’s a list of organisations that are actively protesting. Agitating, doing stuff. They probably watch ‘X Factor’ too, they’re not a bunch of hippies.


Birmingham Association of the NUT, South Gloucester Unison, North/ North West London CWU, Walsall Against the Cuts, Leicester Unite 0168M. Portsmouth TUC, Bakers Food and Allied workers union (BFAWU), Waltham Forest NUT, Bolton Health Unison, International Alliance in support of workers in Iran, Kirklees Unison, LSE students union, Torfaen TUC, Unite SE2/8 branch, Unite Southampton 0854 branch, Oxford and District TUC, PCS DCLG HQ London, PCS Natural England branch, Lancaster and Morecombe District NUT, Colchester and District Trades Council, Wandsworth NUT, Oxford Unison local government branch, Leeds Metropolitan UCU branch, UCU CONEL branch,  EIS Glasgow Committee of management, Holborn GMB branch, Doncaster Unison, Calderdale NUT Association, Calderdale Save Our Services, UCU Manchester Metropolitan University branch, Unison AQA branch, Berkshire against the Cuts, Watford Trades Council, Disabled People against the Cuts (DPAC), Day-Mer North London, London Metropolitan University Unison branch, Barnsley NUT, Birmingham Unison, Hastings against the Cuts, CWU Eastern No4 branch, Manchester NUJ branch, Oxford City Unison, Bolton Trades Council, London RMT Transport Regional Committee, Croydon NUT, PCS Defra London branch, Gateshead Unison local government branch, Unite Bristol Health Service branch, Chesterfield and District TUC, Unite LE/785 Voluntary Sector & Legal Workers branch, Manchester Coalition Against the Cuts, UCU North West Regional Committee, Barnsley College UCU, UCU Northern Regional Committee, Barnsley TUC, London Region Fire Brigades Union, Manchester EAN, Camden NUT, UCU Lambeth College branch, UNITE Fujitsu UK Combine Committee, Sandwell NUT, Croydon College UCU, Camden Unison branch, Oxfordshire UNISON Health branch, PCS DSA Northern and Scotland branch, PCS ACAS London sub branch, Tower Hamlets Unison, Manchester Trades Council, Lewes Stop the Cuts, Unison Manchester Metropolitan University branch, Sheffield NUT, Bolton Health Unison, Ashfield Unison branch, USDAW Eastern C014 Welham Green branch, PCS DWP Liverpool branch, NUT East London Teachers Association, Unison United Left, Shropshire and Telford Trades Council, East Midlands Region UCU, Lancaster, Morecambe and District NUT, Yorks and Humberside Region UCU, NUT Lambeth Teachers Association, Colchester TUC, CWU South Central No1 branch, PCS DWP Lambeth and Southwark branch, PCS DWP Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire branch, PCS DWP Birmingham South branch, Ealing UNISON, PCS Land Registry Computer Services branch, PCS EHRC national branch, Westminster Kingsway UCU, Portsmouth Unison, PCS DWP Avon, Leeds Unison, Barnet TUC, UNITE IT & Comms National Industrial Sector Committee, Edinburgh No1 UNITE branch,UNITE Scottish Housing Branch (Sc 151), Bolton health joint union committee, RMT London Underground Fleet Maintenance, UNITE 193 branch (local govt), UNITE LE/0775M Cambridge University branch, UCU London Metropolitan University branch, South Yorkshire NUJ branch, NUJ London Magazine, Cardiff against the Cuts, Notts TUC, GMB s38 Branch, PCS IPS London & South Home Office branch, UNITE Greater Manchester IT Branch, UNITE Fujitsu Manchester reps committee, PCS HMRC Euston Revenue and Customs Branch, Hackney Pensioners Association, The Campaign Against Climate Change trade union group, Defend Council Housing, Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts, Southwark Save Our Services, UNITE Hillingdon 1/854 public service branch, GMB SW London General Branch K19, Goldsmiths UCU, Bolton NUT, Wandsworth Against Cuts, Right to Work Campaign, Haringey TUC, Kingston Anti Cuts Campaign, Education Activist Network,Waltham Forest Trades Council, UCU London Region, Defend the Right to Protest, UNISON London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, UCU Tower Hamlets College, Unite L&E Aerospace industrial sector committee,, USDAW North London branch,Socialist Teachers Alliance, UK Uncut, UNITE North West IT & Comms regional industrial sector, Anti Academies Alliance, Islington Hands off our Public Services, Sandwell Unison, UCU City and Islington College, UNITE London Construction branch Le/0555, North London USDAW dist branch, Islington NUT, Dudley NUT, Wakefield and District NUT, Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance, Bexley NUT, London Region UCU retired members branch, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC), PCS Central London Valuation Branch, Greenwich & Bexley Trades Council, PCS DFT Nottingham Branch, Lancaster and Morecambe against the Cuts.

THEN THERE’S 30th NOVEMBER. The damage to public services if the cuts go ahead will be far greater than any pain from strikes. Please support the day of action. Please don’t cross picket lines. THIS CONCERNS YOU. If you think it doesn’t, if you look the other way, you’ve chosen your side. Their side.

The battle lines are being drawn for the biggest confrontation yet between workers and the Tory-led government; pensions are being raided. With the population getting older, the Tories have picked their fight.
More than two million are set to strike on 30th November over the Tories’ plans to raid pensions. News needs conflict. This is the best way, sadly, to get this on the agenda.




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