We’re winning the War of Position.

But we’re handing control of the crises of Capitalism to those who benefit most from a further division between the rich and the poor.

This week has seen two European Prime Ministers forced out of office – not sure by whom, perhaps a mixture of protesters and the demands of “the markets”. Greece is now under a coalition government backed by the Troika (the tripartite committee led by the European Commission with the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, that organised the financial “rescues” of Greece, Ireland and Portugal) and headed by a former vice-president of the European Central Bank.

In the UK the Metropolitan Police have implemented a policy of ‘total policing’ with 4,000 police threatening to use rubber bullets on the student demonstration and kettling workers’ protests. The blocking of the St Paul’s protesters on their way to meet the new Jarrow March was, quite frankly, not cricket.

In just over two weeks we will see potentially two million public sector workers come out on strike against Tory bullying.

November 30th promises to be the biggest day of action for almost a century.

1.1 million Unison union members balloted delivered an overwhelming vote to strike.

Across the union 79 percent voted to strike. And in the NHS the result was even better 82 percent.

Could be easily over 2 million coming out, once we know what Unite members want to do.

Money put aside for pensions is being siphoned by the biggest con-artists since the South-Sea bubble. Tax-payers money has been dribbled away inefficiently. The fact that we’re to work longer and pay more in because we’re  “living longer” is a crock of shite.

We’re being made the scapegoats for a worldwide banking balls-up. Simple as.

The government claims it has made a new, improved offer to the unions on pensions.  Danny Alexander called it “generous” and “the chance of a lifetime”. He’s a Lib-Dem. They are a Capitalist party. The fact remains that we’ll have to pay more in and work longer to get less out.

Unlike Thatcher, this load of rubbish of a Tory government has picked on an issue that unites the unions and affects everyone.

These are not “business as usual” times. We are living through a period where history will be made. What you do has not been so important for decades.

This is their glorious opportunity to knacker our class. But this is, conversely, OUR glorious opportunity to knacker their class.

Agitate. It’s fun. Talk to everyone you know and work with. Talk about inefficiency. We’re winning.

You can find a friend of the cause anywhere.


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