Billy Brentford on Core Arts

This post is a ‘shout-out’ to all our musician comrades …
You may have been at our big show at on Friday night? A brief missive is in order to introduce you fully to their work.
First, thanks to all those who came along; *WHAT A NIGHT* of dancing and entertainment. We had a meeting afterwards and a motion was passed that, since our ‘reformation’, this was the concert that reminded us most of the good ol’ days. No more modern fancy club gigs for us, it’s all all about the DDR of R’n’B and nights like this as we head towards the impending revolution.
We in the guild are suspicious of the notion of ‘Charity’. This reeks of social democracy: sometimes ‘Charity’ is an example of capitalist society preserving the status quo by sweeping the problems away with ‘a bit of fun’ without attacking the underlying problems of poverty, prejudice and injustice. ‘Charity’ in general, is the poulticing of an ulcer.
Whilst we obviously don’t deny charities need funding and are fully behind Nylons as he grows his ‘tache for Movember (especially as he looks so good) we in the guild urge you to give up your *time* for charitable organisations too.
Core Arts provides an environment where folks with mental health problems can express themselves through art and music. They have, in their beautiful former school house in London E9, created an environment to help break down many of the prejudices associated with people with mental health problems and promote access and participation in the arts. They have workshops and events to celebrate the talent and abilities of their members; one of the main aims to help these individuals to become economically independent and to integrate.
So, over to you.

If you’re a musician we urge you to get involved. They don’t need money (they’re slick, efficient and well-funded), They need you. Won’t take up much of your time. Core Arts has a recording studio: various excellent musicians give up their time to help the members record their ideas. A lot of these folks made up the entertainment before we took the stage on Friday, and they were all brilliant. Please, for a few hours, even if it’s just the once, sit in on one of these sessions. We met all the comrades that do on Friday, and they were all lovely.

The aim is to  “improve the potential for equality and lasting change for people who are generally regarded as having little to offer society”. By joining in on a guitar or some drums you could move this a little closer for someone.

Comradely rock!
the Music Technician Mark
the artistic director Paul
and our comrade the events co-ordinator Pete

and say we sent you…

…and ask what you can do. DO YOUR BIT!


  1. Thanks Comrade Billy, wonderful article, we at Core Arts are slick – we have learned to run efficiently on an extremely tight budget – so funding is always appreciated as well!
    Best regards,
    Comrade Pete


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