See Thee Faction for free. Friday. Hackney. Core Arts.

Last week’s show at the DDRofRnB was a phenomenon. Country Dirt did an epic cover of our own Marx, My Main Man, along with a big pile of excellent communist country. Andy Lewis and his Acid Jazz All Stars were exactly the tonic we all needed. Feel-good anthems with some tasty politics mixed in there. But the highlight of the evening was the confirmation of the merger between Thee Faction and all-woman horn section Brass Kapital. The new-look 9-piece Thee Faction was a sight to behold, and a sound to spark a revolution.
Will it be repeated this week? We don’t think so (at the moment…). The merger is still in its early days and diaries have not been fully synchronised. But even if Brass Kapital are otherwise engaged, what you’ll get this week is the classic six-piece Thee Faction line-up, and at least two new songs.
What’s more, you’ll get it for free. This Friday night (4th Nov) we’ll be playing at Core Arts in Hackney (Homerton, E9 6DJ), promoting positive mental health. The comrades at Core Arts are fantastic people, not least Pete O’Dublo (of The Dublo), and they are doing great, great things in a very cruel world. Come down and celebrate them – lend your support to the project, and have an evening of dancing to the Socialist RnB.
The place opens up at 17.30. Live music starts at 20.00. We’re on at 22.00. It is completely free to get in, and drinks are nicely priced. You know that vision of a better tomorrow we socialists all share? Friday night is going to look a lot like that. So don’t sit in the house, or spend money in some sort of corporate nightspot. Come down to Core Arts and celebrate good things with Thee Faction.
406 years ago this Friday, Guy Fawkes was cowering in a cellar in Westminster, mistakenly believing that wiping out politicians can fundamentally change society and deliver a better tomorrow. Let’s celebrate that anniversary by raising a glass to historical materialism, and the insights it gives us not just into the world as it is, but how to change it. Cos that’s the point. Let’s make Friday be all about that.
And free music, well-priced beer, and lovely comrades. Obviously. See you down there. Can’t wait.

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