Thirty Days Hath November

One thing we at Thee Faction love about Bullingdon Britain is how clear they’re making it for us. Thatcher appealed to the aspirational in us. The current bunch of thugs know Capitalism is failing and want to keep their status, keep their money. You can see the fear on their faces. They want us to swallow the absurd notion that if we work longer, for less pay, that it’s good for us. They want to take benefits from the young and old, from those with disabilities and from single parents.


They’re making it clear we, the working class are to pay for the crisis, to keep them in the style in which they’re accustomed. We’ve seen the fudge of the banking reforms – 2019 for a slight separation which was put together by emplyees of Barclays and JP Morgan. We’ve seen the Lib Dems refuse to agendise the break-up of the NHS at their conference.


The student protests last winter were the opening shots of resistance. Afterwards we first saw the organised working class flex its muscles on the big TUC demo in March, and in June 700,000 teachers, lecturers and civil service workers walked out – to show what’s possible


What a contrast from when Woolies closed down. Seems like an age ago, doesn’t it? No one marched. Nor did the workers and local people stage a sit-in. 18 months on, they would now.


Ed Milliband tried to be all media-friendly at the TUC last week by criticising unions for striking during ‘negotiations’, but we argue that union leaders who were content to win some concessions in negotiations (assuming they really are negotiations and not ‘talks’) have been left with nothing they can sell to their members, and that pressure from members will encourage them to join the fight.


Therefore the Tories face the possibility of mass strikes of millions of workers. Millions. Again we tip our hats to the mad ruling-class warrior Thatcher for buying off workers in her first term and then taking on the Miners in the second term. Cameron is such an amateur. He’s showed his hand too soon. He wants to crush us with ‘austerity’.


So, here’s how you can help. There’s to be a march on the Conservative conference in Manchester. In November, a national Unite the Resistance conference has been called, following on from the 750-strong London-wide meeting in June.


Then, comrade,  there’s 30th November. Our glorious opportunity to shut them down.


Ten unions are balloting for strike action on that day, adding to the four unions who have already balloted prior to strike action earlier this year. We’re prepared to lose a day’s pay. because WE, the working class, are the ones in it together.


TUC general secretary Brendan Barber agrees with us. He’s said “this will be the biggest trade union mobilisation for a generation” and that “..further consideration is being given to what other actions might be appropriate beyond that day of action if a settlement [over public sector pensions ] isn’t secured.” Union News’s use of Thee Faction’s “366” on their introductory DVD given out at Conference must’ve helped (LOLZ).


And this is going to be a very modern, Deft Left strike. Not walking around with banners. This is going to be targeted action. Talks with the government are a piece of theatre – the real decisions have already been made. We know that, they know that.


We fell about at the Tories’ response. Francis Maud, The Cab Sec said on Radio 4 “The public will be fed up”. What a typically British response. Francis thinks we’ll all be tutting at the telly. No we won’t, you prawn. We’re not “fed up”. We’re bloody LIVID.


The kids ain’t as dumb as you think.



One comment

  1. That was an excellent read,thank you.
    Austerity equals planned misery.
    On November 30th millions will show the Tories that there is such a thing as society.


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