All the nurses and the fire crews, who kept me alive…

…they all have to get a second job to pay the rent, to survive…

So runs “I Can See The Future”, the closing song on our first album At Ebbw Vale. If you don’t know it, either buy the album, go and see Josie Long’s Edinburgh show (it features at the end, they tell us), or listen to Josie Long and Andrew Collins on BBC6 Music this Saturday (3/9/11) between 10am and 1opm, when, we’re told, you’ll hear it.

Anyway, last night Thee Faction played at a low key party in London for our friends Greeves and Jim who, ten years ago, survived a near fatal car crash, where only the speed and dedication of the Fire Brigade and the care of the nurses kept them alive. The night went brilliantly, not least cos we were kept on our toes by the special guest support band The Dazees who were in very serious danger of blowing us offstage. At the end of the night we like to think honours were even, but if you ever get the chance to see them (bearing in mind this was their first gig for 25 years) make sure you take it.

Sorry to those of you who missed us – it was a party dedicated to two survivors, rather than a gig. But here is a photo of the passes the artists had for the event. Brilliant:


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