Dance to the Socialist RnB


Some comrades over on facebook have had a superb idea. They are compiling the ultimate Socialist RnB playlist. You go and ‘like’ the page, and then submit your favourite Socialist RnB tunes to the committee. They go on the wall, and if they are accepted as top class Socialist RnB, they get shared with all the members. It’s a superb plan, ensuring that we approach the revolution with smiles on our faces, twitching toes, and the ultimate soundtrack.

Go and like the page. You’ll find it here. And once you’ve liked it, contribute to it. Every time you hear some Socialist RnB that you think all the other brothers and sisters need to hear, stick it on the page. We listen to almost nothing else these days. There’s tracks from the Staple Singers, The Au Pairs, The Modulations, Redskins, Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, Style Council, and many many more. Look no further for your music. Go! Now!

While you’re at it, go and ‘like’ our facebook page too. It’s how we communicate with the world when we’re not blogging.



    1. is it? They were skinheads, and socialists. Redskins seems to be the most appropriate name they could possibly have chosen.


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