We demand

In times of crisis, folks look for answers, meanings.

There are none. The disorder on England ’s streets has too many reasons.

But the main cause is the agents of Capitalism that create the alienation and consumer culture. Of course it is.

A ‘loss of values’ David? My arse. There IS a political context.

Unemployment for 16-25 year olds is over a million. There are many more black lads in prison than in University. Three quarters of 11-16 year olds do not have access to a youth club.

Universities, which are businesses, have tripled tuition. The Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) which helped poorer kids attend 6thform has been abolished. Police powers have been increased, leading to more young people being harassed.

How about a 30-hour week that would allow employment to be spread, offering employment to a larger number of young people?

We demand:

the restoration of the EMA and the 80% HE funding cut, and scrapping of tuition fees; an urgent public building programme for properly-stafffed Youth Centres; the ending of public spending cuts.

And the end of Capitalism.


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