Thee Faction in today’s Daily Mirror

Today’s interview with Thee Faction in the centre pages of the Daily Mirror proves it’s not lost all of its traditional leftish bite. Good work Gavin Martin.

Thee Faction in the Daily Mirror


If you’ve come to check out our Socialist RnB thanks to The Mirror, then you, comrade, are very very welcome. You can buy our stuff in our shop.

Here’s what we do. These are the sounds of the Tory government being brought down, one song at a time:



Deft Left (Live at the BBC)

If you like what you hear, come and see us at Blow Up – the legendary Mod club in London – playing a Mods Against the Cuts night. Saturday 13th August. And, as if you needed any more incentive, we’ll be accompanied by Ivan Chandler – Dusty Springfield’s former pianist, and the guy playing the keys on Only (video above). See you there, brothers and sisters. There’s work to be done to bring down this government, and the whole rotten system underpinning it. Come and work with us. Socialism ain’t sour – this is going to be a lot of fun.


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