Tell your comrades ’bout the DDR of RnB. Now.

Right, comrade. Time for you to do your bit. We need to get a huge crowd down to the Half Moon in Putney for the DDR of RnB on the 18th June. The left needs a party, and we intend to put one on. Unusually for the DDR of RnB, we’ll be on first, but that’s cos we’ve got one of the finest party bands the world has ever seen: The Ukrainians. You really do not want to miss this.

So, email or facebook or tweet all your friends. Send them this flyer, and whichever of these three videos you think is most likely to get ’em down there. Then hassle them daily until the 18th. This could be the best night ever.

Take your pick of which of these splendid Thee Faction clips you want to send with the flyer. All these songs are from the new album, which you need to buy if you haven’t got one already:


Deft Left


Seriously, comrade, you need to be at this show. It is going to be phenomenal. This Tory-led government needs dismantling. The DDR of RnB will play a significant part in that. But only if you all come down. So tell your friends. Now. Tell them.

See you on the 18th. Do your bit.


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