Important announcement about Up The Workers!

Do you own a copy of At Ebbw Vale? If you do, and you haven’t received a vital email from Thee Faction this afternoon, you need to email us at . Put the codeword “GDH Cole” in  the subject box.

Sorry to be so cloak and dagger about this. But it is really important that you do this. It is absolutely in your interests to act on this advice. We can’t say very much more except that we might be able to help you own the most important record ever to be released some time before anyone else, and with approximately double the value. A ‘comrades only’ deal, if you like.

So email us now. You will be very very pleased that you did. We kid you not.


  1. Comrade Illustrator! Have you not had one? Or, indeed, some? This is appalling. Email your address to theefaction85 at . Do it immediately and you will receive gifts.


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